Lollipop Chainsaw: First thoughts

Lollipop chainsaw is the latest game from Grasshopper Manufacture for the playstation 3 and xbox 360. My copy arrived today, and I have been awaiting this game for some time. When I first saw the trailers I was pretty confused and didn’t have much interest in it as I am no fan of zombie games. As I looked more into the game I became more interested in this games unique take of the over done zombie apocalypse.

So onto my first impressions of actually playing the game. So far have just got past the first stage of the game, which involved making my way through the school whose students had been turned into zombies. Some students required rescuing, and if you fail to do so they can turn into more powerful zombies. This game really reminds me of Bayonetta! Ofcourse the themes are very different and Bayonetta and Juliet arn’t very similar..But the very flashy gameplay is similar, to me this is great because I just loved Bayonetta!

The hilarious commentary from this game so far is very entertaining! I have gotten up to the first boss “Zed”, who attacks you with his harsh words! As for a first boss fight for me it was the most fun part of the game so far. It wasn’t too difficult to beat him but he’s just the first boss so we’ll see how the other boss fights progress in that sense.

From what I’ve seen many female gamers find this game to be highly sexist and offensive, but to be honest I just can’t see it that way. One of the trophies is even to peek up Juliets skirt! In all honesty though I just find it funny, and Juliet is just such a cutie!

As for first thoughts I find this game very fun so far and I’m looking forward to continuing on. I recommend this if you are looking for a game unlike any other before, plenty of hack n slash elements and button bashing!

You can view the official trailer for Lollipop chainsaw here:

One response to “Lollipop Chainsaw: First thoughts

  1. It seems like an interesting game. I’m pretty inexperienced gaming, so I don’t know much about technicalities. When I passed the game in stores the last thing I thought of was zombies. I’ll have to give it a try.

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