Hello Kitty Retractable Kabuki Brush Review

Today I am going to review the HelloKitty retractable Kabuki brush from Sephora in Gold.

You can find this brush on the official Sephora website for $28.00, sadly they do not ship to the U.K so i bought my brush from a seller on eBay for around $40.00.

The brush is stored within the lid which displayed a Hello Kitty head on top! Cute! It is obvious that the brush container is very attractive and eye-catching. I find that the lid slips on and off very smoothly.

Attached to the bottom of the brush is an extendable protective cover which will come up and cover the brush bristles and prevent them from becoming frayed. This is great as a having a lid with a brush could cause this problem but this method of protection keeps the brush good as new!

It will tidy away snug into a cute little Hello Kitty Package for taking on the move! This is where the lid really comes in handy as the brush can be thrown into your purse without any bacteria getting onto the bristles!

Now onto the Kabuki brush itself. The bristles are white with a light pink shade on the tips. They feel very soft and fine to the touch, this feels very nice on the face!

As the bristles are so soft it can result in some product coming loose from the brush as it is being used.

This brush can used to apply loose powder, such as powder foundation, blush or bronzer. I like to use mine to blend my blush, but also to buff my foundation to eliminate any streaks of cakyness.

Overall the appearance of this brush is fantastic and great for any Hello Kitty fan! The brush itself is of a good quality also so do not feel as if the product quality has been sacrificed for the gimmick!

This brush also comes in a silver color for those who want something other than gold.

You can buy this brush here!

10 responses to “Hello Kitty Retractable Kabuki Brush Review

  1. i am absolutely a fan of Hello Kitty and i loveeeeee this kabuki brush! It is one of my ultimate favorites 🙂

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