Lollipop Chainsaw: Finished…already?!

Since buying the game lollipop chainsaw on Thursday, the following Saturday I have completed it. WHAT? Don’t get me wrong, I have not been playing the game religiously or  even for long periods each time. There are a total of 6 stages and each stage would take less than an hour, meaning the game itself is extremely short. I get the idea behind it which is to keep playing the same stages again on harder difficulties and beating “Dads” score, but honestly I was expecting much more.

There are a total of 2 endings, a bad ending and a good ending. On my first playthrough I got the bad ending, to get the good ending I believe you have to rescue all of your classmates. Lame. I saved most of them, but I guess most just doesn’t cut the mustard. 😛

Once finishing your first playthrough many more items and costumes become available at the store, which is what I am aiming to get right now before being finished with the game. I was pretty annoyed at the length of the game, it doesn’t feel like a game at all.I know it’s no RPG, but still I was hoping for more of a story to follow, all of the game is supposed to take place in the one day I believe.

In the end I did enjoy the game and I am still doing so, I just wish there was much more to enjoy.


5 responses to “Lollipop Chainsaw: Finished…already?!

      • I’m sure I could convert that on Google but it’s late and I’m lazy, good to hear though. I’m waiting for a significant price drop, ~$30 before I bite on Lollipop Chainsaw. I like NMH but they’re not the most polished or long lasting games. Sudas games are usually rough and I can’t justify full price.

        Btw, nice looking blog. Looks slick as hell.

      • I think at around $30 the short story wouldn’t sting so much. This was my first SUDA game so I was not really sure what to expect at first. It was fun while it lasted atleast. ^o^;
        Thank you very much!

      • “not really sure what to expect at first. It was fun while it lasted”

        That sums up SUDA games perfectly. It’s down to $37 on Amazon but school fees, 3DS games and Wii U coming..I’m not sure when I’ll get around to it.

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