Chua Churam PVC Figure Review

Today I am going to do a review of my Chua Churam PVC figure in spirit of my old blog (Figuresque – figure reviews)

Firstly I would like to mention that Chua is the most expensive figure that I own. She cost me a total of £155 (Approx $245) including shipping. On release Chua was sold out almost immediately back in July 2008, and can be pretty hard to come by these days. I bought my figure on eBay last spring, and if you don’t mind the harsh price you will be likely find one there too. ^_^

As you can see Chua Churams face is extremely detailed and very cute! I have no complaints in the paint department, all I can say is that she is pretty much flawless! As expected from Alter of course.

Chua stands on a sweet pink stand at around 7.8 inches, so to be honest she is a little small. I was a little disappointed by this and I think she would be even more amazing if she was just that little bit bigger, however it’s not that big an issue since her detailing is so intricate. Once thing I should mention is how fragile and easily broken Chua is, especially the very thin frail piece of hair. She is also quite hard to balance, so if you do decide to splash out and buy her be sure to have a safe place to set her!

Despite how fragile she is I have managed to so far keep her in perfect condition! Which is an achievement for me since i’m sooo clumsy! >.>
I would have to say that Chua is my favourite figure that I own, I love her dress and her beautiful pink hair! I myself have never played the game that Chua is from “Chu x Chu” which to my knowledge is some kind of hentai PC game, although I would like to note that nothing is overly sexualised on this figure. Nothing is castoffable.

Recently E2046 have announced that they are going to produce a version of Chua Churam which will be at a much cheaper price! However looking through the picture I am not too impressed,does she look sunburned to anyone else or is it just me?

Here is the link if you are interested!

E2046 Chua

So guys, what is the most expensive figure you own? ^_^

3 responses to “Chua Churam PVC Figure Review

  1. Nice figure. I absolutely love Chua Churam’s feisty facial expression, and the weightlessness of her pose. As long as the face of an anime figure looks nice, that’s usually enough for me to know whether or not I’ll buy it:)

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