Dolly Wink Eyelash Case

Hello! Today I am going to quickly talk about the new Dolly Wink false eyelash case! I wouldn’t really call it a review…since it’s just a case after all! However it is very cute and worth a look! Also a good chance to start off a long list of Dolly Wink reviews coming your way from this blog, so please follow if you are interested and like the facebook page to make requests!

As expected from any Dolly Wink product the case comes in very cute packaging. The new series of Dolly Wink products are set out to give off a more “mature” feel from the older products. Personally I love both, I am yet to try any of the new sets of false lashes though! Hmmm which should I choose? ^_^

The case itself is a lovely lilac/purple shade, adorned with some cute illustrations! I like this one much more than the previous Dolly Wink case as this one is just much more interesting! I really love the carousel illustration on this! ❤

Inside the case are two compartments, the slightly large compartment will hold top lashes and the small compartment can be used for bottom lashes! In the picture above are my Dolly Wink No1 set. The case is made from very lightweight plastic, the lid itself is very secure so you don’t need to worry about it coming apart. This case is great for bringing your falsies & glue out with you, they will be safe from bacteria and from being torn in here! ^_^

I bought my case on eBay.
It can be bought there for around $5.00 – $8.00

I would love to know guys, what is your favorite Dolly Wink product and why? ^_^


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