Dolly Wink: Liquid Eyeliner Review

Today I am going to review Dolly Winks liquid eyeliner pen in Deep Black!

I bought my eyeliner from eBay, but if you are uncomfortable buying from eBay there are other trustworthy websites that also stock Dolly Wink products. I will list some links at the bottom of the post!

As far as I’m aware this product is only available in Japan (perhaps other Asian countries as well?) so if you live outside that region you will have to buy it online, meaning that the price + shipping can work out a little pricey.

I really love the cute pink case of this eyeliner, it has a real cutsie feminine feel without looking too childish. It is adorned with purple polkadots, a purple boy and the Dolly Wink logo.

I myself have always found it pretty difficult to apply liquid eyeliner, I always made mistakes and would draw the line crooked! Once I had seen a few videos of people using this eyeliner I decided to give it a try, and I have to admit it has completely changed the way I do my eye make-up! It is so easy to apply and I am always left with a sleek deep black line.

The tip is so soft and will simply glide smoothly across my eyelid. The soft tip will also allow you to adjust the thickness of the line you want to create, for a thinner line simply use a lighter pressure when applying,and for a thicker line apply slightly more pressure. This is great for the cat-eye look!

As the name suggest the color is a very deep black and I find the eyeliner will last pretty much all day. The color may fade over time like any product but it wont tend to do so for many hours after applying, I would only top up the eyeliner very rarely. The formula has a very inky hydrated texture, I have never experienced any flaking of any kind with this eyeliner.

Here shows an example of the eyeliner on my eye. This is a pretty thin line, but this eyeliner can also be used to create thicker lines.

I should mention however that this eyeliner can run out pretty quickly, which can be a pain since it has to be ordered online also. I do use mine pretty much every time i’m wearing make-up so perhaps that’s why, despite this I’m sure I will buy another soon!

Overall Score 9/10

I gave this eyeliner a 9 out of 10 simply because of it’s price and availability, the actual product I am in love with and I recommend this to everyone!

You can buy this eyeliner here:

Pretty and Cute

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