Dolly Wink: Long Mascara Review

Here is my review of the Dolly Wink Long Mascara! 🙂

Dolly Wink has produced a total of 2 Mascaras, one for lengthening the lashes which is this one, and  another one for volumizing. This is a fiberwig mascara which means it contains tiny fibers which will attach to your lashes making them appear longer.

The bottle for the mascara  is actually what turned me off buying this mascara much sooner, even though it looks pretty and attractive, I also feel it looks a little childish and cheap. I feel it gave of a plastic child-like vibe so I did not buy it, but once I had tried other Dolly Wink products (which have yet to let me down!) I thought I should give the Mascara a chance, after all you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover!

Can you see the little fibers on the brush? These are what will attach to your lashes in order to lengthen them! This is the first fiberwig mascara I have tried and I am so far very happy. The mascara will definitely lengthen your lashes, but it takes quite a while to build up. You really have to take your time to build up the fibers on your lashes, but the end result is very impressive! It is easy and smooth to apply and wont clump together your lashes.

Here is my eye after the Mascara has been applied. The fibred have attached to my lashes making them appear very slightly longer, but the mascara lacks giving the lashes any real volume. It may be a good idea to team this mascara with a volumizing as well to get both effects.

Overall Score: 7/10

I feel this mascara is deserving of this score as it really can lengthen the lashes, the more time you spend building up the mascara the longer they will become.

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