Palladio: Rice Powder Review

Hello! Today I am going to review the Rice Powder from Palladio! πŸ™‚

This powder is designed to absorb any oils present on the face, reducing any unflattering shine. RicePowder has been used for the skin by Asian women since the 16th century, and with good reason! ^_^

I really love the theme of the packaging for this product, I love the oriental feel to it. It looks very attractive and suits the product perfectly, however the main problem with the box is the fact that the lid is loose, meaning it is not portable. The box must be keep upright at all times, throwing it into your bag would throw the powder everywhere! It would be nice if the lid fitted on the box allowing it to be moved around easily. Oh well~ :I

Here’s the big seller! (for me anyway!) on the back, the amazing words “Not tested on animals” ❀
100% guilt free!

The Powder itself is made from the refined starch from rice called “Oryza Sativa” apparently…….
The Powder comes in 3 different shades which are; Translucent, Natural and Warm Beige. I have bought the translucent powder, so it’s not really used to give any kind of coverage to the skin. When applying only a very small amount is needed, and I find sweeping it across any oily areas is like pushing a “Delete” button on shine! I would recommend only using a minimal amount at one time, as putting on too much will cause it to build up on pores.

I don’t have a big problem with oily skin, my skin is mostly dry but around the summer months my skin can get slightly more oily around the T-zone. This powder has been great for getting a matt effect on the face, making it great for applying over foundation in order to finish and set your make-up.

If your skin is pretty oily, and the oil can build up shine as the day goes, Palladio also have Rice Paper blotting sheets (these also come in the 3 shades listed above) which you can take with you and dab your face with them to remove oil. I have yet to try these, and would like to but I can’t seem to find any that ship to U.K >.<!!

Overall score: 7/10

  • The product will give a great matt finish, removing shine.
  • Only use minimal amount for best results.
  • Three aviable shades.
  • Really cheap prices!
  • Poor package design.

11 responses to “Palladio: Rice Powder Review

  1. Ooo, the packaging is so cute. I hope this is available in Malaysia. I could ask my friend to get it for me πŸ˜€

    • Hello kofykat!
      The offical website will only ship to U.S and Canada so I think it can only be bough in-stores there. (Sallys i hear) but it can also be bought on eBay or Amazon if that helps!
      Good luck! ^_^

  2. Do you know where they sell these? I Would like to try some. Moreover have you tried it yourself? I did a makeover as a Geisha with actual wet rice powder before. It’s sticky and cannot be applied direct on the skin because it will cause an allergic reaction. I’m pretty sure the manufacturers have already found a way to solve this problem in this product but I just want to be sure

    • I bought mine on eBay for a very reasonable price. You can also get it on Amazon, or if you live in US or Canada it can be bought from the official site:
      Yes this is a powder made from the refined starch of rice with other ingrediants to combat the problems with actual rice powder πŸ™‚
      When i tried i did not find it sticky and had no allergic reaction, however if you are allergic it may be risky to try.
      Thank you for your comment hope this helps! πŸ˜€

      • That sounds really good! Sadly I don’t live in Canada or the US but I’ll bear that in mind!

  3. Oh my! I’ve used this powder before, when I was still in secondary school. It is the best product ever. Cant find it in store near me now, so I changed. Still, would love to use it again. Glad to see this post, brings back memory. πŸ™‚

  4. The blotting sheets really is the portable version of this powder and is good enough to get rid of midday oily t zone..however it should be used with a mirror because the powder on it should slightly be blended after because using just the paper, upon application it’s a little hard to get it evenly on your face..

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