Clinique Redness Solutions Protective Base Review

Hi guys! Today I am going to review a product I have been using on and off for quite a while now.

Clinique have a series of products entitles “Redness Solutions”, which include Powders, Primers, Claensers, Relief Cream and Makeup. Today I am going to talk about the Primer or “Protective Base” as they call it.

I would like to start off by saying I love to keep my skin as pale as possible, I love the porcelain look, but this means redness can be a real issue on my face. My cheeks can become red and flushed at times, and any red spots are extra noticeable on pale skin – not fun; so I really want to find a good product that will combat this.

This stuff is a little on the expensive side, it costs around £16.00 for 40ml. This tube has lasted me a very long time, but that is mostly because I have stopped using it for periods of time. This product has it good points and bad points.

Firstly, it does do what its supposed to do, which is to conceal redness under foundation, however to achieve this the product must be applied in a certain way. What I do is take a small amount of the product on my finger, I then generously dab it onto any red areas on my face, so i’m left with big green blotches on my face, ahaha but this is a good thing. If you blend this primer out, the green will almost disappear and leave you with not as much coverage. Leaving the primer on my rather large blotches and then applying and blending your foundation on top should do the trick.

Now onto the problems with the primer. The one that bugs me the most is the fact that the liquid in the formula will separate from the rest meaning if you open it and squeeze some out this watery green liquid comes out followed by lumpy green cream. Eugh. Simply shaking the bottle will combat this, but it’s still pretty annoying.

Even though the product claims to be for all skin types, it has a kind of oily texture, I wouldn’t say it gives my face an oily look but if someone has a problem with oil on their skin perhaps this would not suit them.
It contains SPF 15 which is always good for protecting the skin and anti-ageing, but it doesn’t contain any other skin nourishing factors.

In conclusion I would say this primer is pretty average, it does what its supposed to do which is hide redness under make-up but other factors weigh it down. Will I buy it again? I feel like I want to explore and find a better product for this problem when the tube is finished. >.<

Overall Score:

  • Conceals redness well when applied correctly
  • A little expensive, but will last
  • Liquid sepreateds from the formula easily
  • SPF 15
  • Semi-Oily texture

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you have tried this yourself and what you thought of it. ^_^

2 responses to “Clinique Redness Solutions Protective Base Review

  1. I am actually looking for a green-toned concealer for my undereye dark circle…however i do have combination/oily skin…
    But maybe its worth trying out at the shop! Thanks for the review! btw, your skin looks great 🙂

    • Finding a good green concealer is soooo hard xD
      I think it would be worth a try, perhaps they could give you a free sample. ^_^ Good luck!

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