Nina Ricci Fantasy Perfume Review

Hihiii everyone!~
Today I’m going to talk a little about my newest perfume! The Limited edition Nina Ricci Fantasy Perfume, said to be the Spring version of the Nina Snow Princess for winter. 😀
The perfume cost me about £35.00 for 50ml, but I’ve seen it for a little cheaper online.

Before I had even had a smell of this perfume, I knew I wanted it. Didn’t matter what the smell was like, I wanted that bottle! It is possibly the cutest perfume bottle I have ever seen. Even when I run out I’m totally going to keep the bottle on my dresser. ^_^

It is a white apple adorned with cute illustrations in gold and pink.This bottle instantly reminded me of Japanese Lolita girls and their style!

Even though I bought this without first smelling it, I have good news! The smell of the perfume is really nice as well. It is extremely sweet and sugary, with hints of fruit and cherry blossom. I want to try keeping the explanation of the smell pretty simple, I mean lets face it we don’t really know what something smells like until we go ahead and smell it for ourselves. I would say those the smell is very youthful and matches the bottle perfectly.

(Buh my hairs a mess today fml xD)

This perfume is great during the day during spring and summer, I wouldn’t normally wear it for night-time events. The lasting power isn’t great but I wouldn’t say its bad either, I find the strength of the scent tend to fade around 3 hours after wearing, but a weaker scent will stay for the day.

Overall Score:


  • Limited edition
  • Spring/Summer scent
  • Super cute bottle design! +++
  • Sweet, fruity and floral
  • Average lasting time

7 responses to “Nina Ricci Fantasy Perfume Review

  1. I just bought the same perfume!

    I actually collect all the apple bottles created by Nina Ricci! Im obsessed 🙂 🙂

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