Possible Cosplay!~

Since having been to my first ever anime and gaming convention, I have been so inspired to finally cosplay. It’s something I have always wanted to do but simply never had the money or chance to do it.

I don’t have the talent to create my own cosplay, so I am just going to buy one. These are some of the characters that I am thinking about cosplaying,please feel free to share opinions.

1. Wang Yuanji

I’m about 90% sure that I want to buy this costume, and it will probably be the first of my cosplays. If you do not recognize the character I don’t blame you, this is Wang Yuanji from Dynasty Warriors 7. The games are very popular in Japan, but here in the west they don’t get the good credit they deserve! I have been playing these games since Dynasty Warriors 2, but Wang Yuanji was only introduced in Dynasty Warriors 7. I really like the outfit, and I wouldn’t need to wear a wig as I have the same hairstyle and color (maybe some extensions would be needed though), the down side is not many people would know who it is I am cosplaying as. ^///^

2. Vanille

Another idea I have been toying with is Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII. At first I was thinking Serah from Final Fantasy XIII-2, but I think Vanilles costumes is just so unique and interesting. I know a lot of people really didn’t like Vanille in the game, but I really loved her! The advantage of cosplaying as Vanille is that she would be easily recognized since she is from such a popular franchise.

3. Juliet Starling

Juliet Starling is the main character from Lollipop Chainsaw! I really loved the game and the character, even though many people complained about her and said how she was portrayed was so sexist. I found her super cute and a fun character it play as. The advantage of cosplaying Juliet is that I assume she would be pretty well known, and I also wouldn’t have to wear a wig, however the costume is a little plain. A bit skimpy also >//<

So there are the 3 cosplays that are going around in my mind right now. I really want to do cosplay atleast once in my life,and I might as well do it while i’m young. I wish I had a friend to do cosplay with, but sadly I don’t really know anyone who would be willing to do it.
Still, its a good excuseto camwhore in a awesome costume. xD

11 responses to “Possible Cosplay!~

  1. A big hi because I’ve not said that last week when you visited my blog, thank you!

    If it were me, and I’m way to old to carry it off ;), I’d go with Vanille. I think her costume has a lot of really cool details and it’s stuff that you could add to with ethnic-style bangles and beads. I’ve not been to a cos-play event but I don’t think it’s a bad thing if people don’t know who you are? If you’ve got something different then I think that’s actually quite cool.

    • Your welcome! I really enjoyed readin though your posts. ^_^
      I agree Vanilles costume is so amazing.Perhaps your are right about having a costume that is unique, with more popular characters it must be a problem when so many people end up in the same costume.
      Thank you for visiting also!

  2. 2. Vanille

    That skirt has so much flair to it and her booties+socks combo is hawt.

    And you get to dye your hair red!

    • Hahaha so true! Her costume is so awesome!
      I think when I do Vanille though I will simply buy a wig since my hair is much longer than hers, also i think it would be hard getting the right shade of red ^_^
      The wigs you can buy are so accurate these days! 😀

  3. Hi~ thanks for visiting and following my blog!
    as for the cosplay, I vote for Vanille! her costume and props may not be easy though since it’s so unique, good luck! 😀

    • Your welcome Yui! Your blog is very enjoyable ^_^
      Hehe these days i’m leaning more towards Vanille myself, she is so cute and that costume is amazing! I would have to buy it though, I have no tatent when it comes to sewing xD
      Very expensive >3<

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