Bon Voyage!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know that tonight I will be leaving for a family vacation to Croatia. ^_^
I am excited to go but this means for the next 10 days I won’t be able to blog. *sniff* v_v
If I am able to get online, I will be posting small updates on the facebook page.
The vacation at least gives me a chance to try out my new playstation vita game; Dynasty Warriors: NEXT.I will be able to give my thoughts and review it when I return, I have already played it a little but I wanted to save it for the holiday.

Yesterday I also received some new circle lenses from EyeCandyLens. I tried them on yesterday and was going to review them last night but unfortunately I could’t find the card reader for my camera, so that is also something to look forward to when I get back home.

I am also going to buy my cosplay when I get home, but it may take a few weeks to be made and shipped.

Perhaps I will have some nice vacation stories and photos to share also!
I will miss you all! Thank you for your support and lovely comments ❀
I apologise I have been so busy the past few days with packing and getting ready >///<



5 responses to “Bon Voyage!

  1. Have a great break in Croatia! Looking forward to seeing your photos and stories (if you get some time to share), new lenses and cosplay when you’re back again! πŸ™‚

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