Skin79 BB Cream VIP Gold Collection Review

Hi again! ^_^/

Today I am going to review Skin79s BB cream made for dry skin. The cream only comes in the one shade, but it created to blend to match your unique skin tone.

All my life I have had extremely dry skin and very few pimples, however since the start of 2012 my skin has taken a complete change. I got this BB cream around Halloween of last year as I had heard so many good things about Skin79s BB creams. Since it was so long ago I don’t really remember how much I paid, however from what I’ve seen the price range is very reasonable, just watch you don’t pick up a fake!

The BB Cream claims to be whitening, anti-wrinkle, and SPF 25, sounds great!

The packaging is great and hygenic as you simple need to push the pump at the head of the bottle to release a small amount of BB cream.

When I first got the BB cream, I squeezed out a little and noticed how grey the formula looked. Since this is an asain brand I thought maybe it was grey because it was only suited to asain skin or something like that, and before even trying it I put it away in my stash of make-up. About a month later I ran out of foundation and I needed something so I turned to this BB cream, and I was just amazed straight away with the results! It felt so nice and hydrating on my dry skin, it covered my imperfections without looking cakey! Why havne’t I been using this all my life?!

Where I live, even in summer it can be very cold and grey, this means dry skin was an all year around thing for me. When I had dry skin, I very rarely got any pimples even as a young teenager, so I never had anything to cover up. Sadly, as I mentioned earlier, right now my skin has completely changed. My face is more oily than it has ever been, I’m covered in acne scars and marks, and if I forget to take my anti-biotic then my skin will break out awfully. If I get one pimple, it will stay as a ugly red mark for months, because of this I don’t feel like I can wear this BB cream anymore.

With how my skin is now, this BB cream makes my face look shiny, and it doesn’t come close to covering up my hideous skin. 😦

Here is a small photo of the formula itself, as you can see it does have those grey undertones like some other BB cream. Once you have applied the BB cream however it will soon blend to match your skin tone for a really natural finish.

To conclude, if you have dry skin and little need for coverage, then this BB cream is made for you!
If you have oily acne prone skin like me right now, then sadly this BB cream will be a little too oily and give too little coverage. I was thinking of trying Skin79s Pink or Orange BB cream though, since those are directed more to oily skin.

Overall Score 9/10

  •     Perfect for Dry Skin
  •     Hydrating
  •     UV Protection
  •     Natural finish
  •     Reasonable Pricing
  •     Not suited to oily skin

This post ended up being a little negative, can you tell I’m feeling down about my skin today? Dammit I forgot my to take my acne anti-biotic the past few days! Never again! xD!
If anyone has tips for fading red acne marks I’d love to hear them!

22 responses to “Skin79 BB Cream VIP Gold Collection Review

  1. Most BB creams like Skin79, Missha and even Etude House have grey undertones, which I try to stay away from. Although, have you seen the new BB creams Skin79 released? Like the Snail or Vital BB one? I managed to get a sample of Vital BB and it has a nicer undertone, more for my skin – not grey and not too yellow. I love BB creams, and although I have fewer dark spots from past breakouts to cover, I still like the light coverage. Check out my Mizon BB cream review or Correct Combo, you might like it. 🙂

    • I havn’t seen the new ones no! :O
      The grey put me off at first but it quickly faded away espically under some powder foundation 🙂
      I will check out your reviews thank you!
      P.s your jelly bean jar is almost finished. ❤

      • Oh, then you should look out for my reviews for all 4 of these new ones or should I say the newly released Skin79 BB. You probably will love the Vital BB.

        P.S. about that, I watched the tutorial you had on your site just to get an idea, and omg, I thought my head was going to explode. LOL. That guy was awesome but was really fast. So definitely his tutorial are for those who know their way already around Photoshop. And thank you very much Sophie, so nice of you to do this.

      • Ohh it’s the orange one right? I see it doesnt look so grey! I really want to get it! >3<
        Haha well Adobe Illustrator is used to actully draw it whereas photoshop is used to enhance anything ^_^
        It's no problem it's good practise for me! 😀

      • Yep! I know, when I first saw it, I was like, I’m going to get it. Do you want to try the sample first, to make sure? You can get it from wishtrend – they’re the real stuff, not fake ones. But if you want to try the sample first, I have here that I can send you over- I did the same to make sure I don’t waste money on full size. It’s in sachet. Let me know anyway 🙂 Thanks very much. I don’t know anything about Adobe yet, I’ll leave that to you. 😛

  2. I used to have bad acne, and have a few scars left from years ago. Sounds counterintuitive, but try a honey, milk, olive oil mask a couple of times a week. It won’t make you oilier if you stick to EVOO. Raw honey is best, too. It will soothe the acne, reduce the swelling, and the redness.
    Also, I really want to try a BB. I may have to ask for a sample at Sephora, now, maybe two samples and try a couple out. I hate wearing foundation outside of work, and I find tinted moisturizer even too covering. BB sounds perfect, thanks for the review!

    • Thank you for the tip I will totally try this! I would do anything to reduce the horrid redness lol. xD
      Is it safe to refrigerate a big batch? 🙂
      Sounds like BB cream is just what your looking for, good luck! ^_^

  3. Wow, I’ve never even heard of these products before today! I’m so glad I stopped by. I’m definitely going to look into them asap. And by asap, I mean as soon as I get a job and have the kind of income that once again allows me to spoil myself rotten the way I’ve grown accustomed to. ^_^

  4. I am sorry that your skin is now breaking’s sort of like payback for all the years we had perfect skin…. I have extremely dry skin and. Always have to exfoliate. I went through a year to a year and a half of a bout of adult acne…it’s so weird! and birth control helped for a bit but it bloated me up..:( so now I eat a little healthier and drink a glass or two of water at night to hydrate myself while sleeping (TRUST ME THIS WORKS!!) I have switched my skin care routine to using Avenè cleansers, neutrogena daily scrub and Aesop camilia Nut cream and Papsley seed eye cream (I’m 22 by the way) hehe this camilia nut cream is worth It! Go to Aesop and ask for a few sample sachets. Its all natural Australian ingredients and so therapeutic u will love it! my skin cleared up in less than a week 🙂 also I use Avène cleanance K gel cleanser and the cleanance k cream to put on my break out areas every now and then when I can feel the pores getting bumpy/pimple… hope that helps darl and I will def try this bb cream out hehe I always use missha but I’m too reluctant to try anything else but ur post was so detailed and informative! Thank u 🙂

    • Ah it’s nice to find someone who had the same problem. I myself have been on birth control for years now, and when I went to the doctor she said that it must have been masking my acne for some time. I started going on and off it for a while to lose some weight, so I’m trying to stay on it for now and it seems to help. Though right now I lost the packet (what an idiot right? XD) and need to get more from the doctor, and as a result I have a huge zit! I just know it’s going to grace me with a lovely big red scar for a long time xD
      Wow the eye cream sounds really lovely! I just love products with all natural ingredients it feels so rewarding xD
      Thank you so much for all your advice, I really appreciate you sharing your experience with me! I will most definitely look into the products you recommend. ^_^

  5. Hello! I was thinking of trying the pink bottle but I have the same sentiment that it’s not so suitable for me. I tried skin79 BB rose foundation which I bought in taiwan, it’s good, hydrating and coverage BUT as I used, I realized the color changes towards the end of the day. It gets more dull and I don’t quite like it. >.<

  6. Bio-Oil is amazing for acne marks. I put it on before bed every night. It feels oily and smells a little strange, but it seems like it is vastly improving my extensive scarring.

    That BB sounds perfect for my skin! I am very excited to try it.

  7. Hello!!!!! This BB cream is for normal to dry skin! Not for oily! This is the only negative review I have read for this product!

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