Wishlist 01

Here is my fist wishlist post! I spend so much time shopping online and then adding stuff to my cart that I never buy them because I don’t have any money! The things I want build up so quickly, so I think any wishlist posts I have will be pretty long. xD
I probably won;t be able to afford half the stuff on this list, but it’s nice to dream isn’t it?

1. New Dolly Wink Products

New Dolly Wink items have recently come up for sale, I really want the brown long mascara and brown eyeliner! The eyeliner is also said to have an improved formula so I would like the black one also.

2. Fresh Cherry Peach Tint

I really want an orange tint, I have seen some great reviews for this and its pretty cheap too! I like the orange tone without being too orange if you know what I mean.

3. Klair’s Rich Moise Soothing Serum

After reading fellow a bloggers review (SweetJellyBean) I really want to try this serum! Animal friendly too!

4. Color Me Nude Lip Concealer

My lips are naturally really red so I want to try this lip concealer!

5. Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

I love lush products, and my lips are crying out for exfoliation!

6.  Lush Marilyn Hair Mask

This mask is said to really help bring out the natural tones in blonde hair!

7. Sophie Monk V-shaping Double Lifting Mask

I really want to work on lifting my face and giving my self a more v-shape face with massages, masks and creams. It is simply cheek and chin fat rather than bone that is the problem right now so thankfully that can be changed! This mask is said to give you the shape after use for a long time.

21 responses to “Wishlist 01

  1. The really cool thing about the lip scrub from LUSH is that when you’re done with it, you can eat it! Also, all LUSH products are animal cruelty free! 🙂

  2. I super love the dollywink long mascara 😀 … Only thing i dont like about it is i cant use it fir my lower lashes 😦 …

    I have that lush lip scrub and everytime i use it i feel like eating it coz it smells sooo good hehehe


  3. Oh man, I want those Dolly Wink stuff as well… I wonder if they’ll make brown eyelashes soon too?! And I wanna try Etude House Lip Tint as well!!!

    • That would be pretty awesome! They are going for a more natural look these days. 🙂
      I couldn’t resist and just bought it! It looks so nice! Now just to wait for it to arrive ^_^

  4. I love the lush hair products! I’ve tried Marilyn, but I like R&D even better. 🙂

    And the sugar scrub looks so cute! Probably not anything I’d buy for myself but great stocking stuffer sort of thing.

  5. Thankyou for the like on my blog! Your blog is cute and very interesting 🙂 Are you korean? I’m looking up for your reply and I hope you will give a comment or critique on my blog.

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