ETUDE HOUSE Fresh Cherry Lip Tint 0.3 Review

Hello everyone. ^0^/

Today my first ever product from ETUDE HOUSE arrived in the post! Yay! I bought the Fresh Cherry Lip Tint in the color “peach”. I was so excited for this product as I have never tried an orange lip color before, but recently I’ve been finding it more and more appealing.
I bought this on eBay (yes I buy a lot of stuff on eBay lol!) for about $9 including shipping.

I find the bottle for this lip tint to be pretty unique, it kind of looks like a toy or something. I’m not sure why it gives me that impression…I think it looks like a plastic pretend lipstick! I don’t take that as a bad thing though I think its pretty charming! The color of the bottle is pretty bright which is nice, it’s also quite small so easy to carry around.

When you open the bottle you will get an applicator similar to a lip gloss, but a little shorter and thicker. You can see the product on the end of the brush is quite a pale orange, the brush is bright red though. o.O
Oh and it smells like cherry! Mmmm~

Here are my lips after applying the lip tint, at first it feels the same as a lip-gloss but after a few moments it will dry into the lips. I kind of felt like it was more of a reddish orange than an orange, but it could be due to the fact that my lips are naturally very red. Ever since I started wearing make-up I have always been a pale pink or nude lip girl, but recently I’m really into the orange look. It looks fantastic with pale skin!

As for staying power, I have to give this top marks! I have been wearing the tint a good few hours now and in that time I have been eating and drinking and it is still going strong! It’s not as shiny and vibrant as it was in the beginning but still I am very impressed.

Overall Score 9/10

  •     Vibrant Color
  •     Cherry Fragrance
  •     Affordable
  •     Easy to apply
  •     Long Lasting

42 responses to “ETUDE HOUSE Fresh Cherry Lip Tint 0.3 Review

  1. I just bought the Neon Orange Dear Darling Lip Tint at Etude House today. I still have the same tint that you have in Cherry lip and I had a great experience with it so…gonna try with the orange!

    Btw the tints are really good as long staying blushes also. Just remember to blend them out real quick or they will look streaky!

      • I tried it out it’s not bad! I have a really pinkish natural lip colour but the orange really adds an awesome tint over it!

      • Really glad you like it! Definitely one of my better purchases this month haha. I really want to try some more Etude House products now. ^-^

      • hahah i was so shocked when i saw the actual prices of korean cosmetics when u buy then in korea! they are 1/3 of the price of what i pay in Singapore!

  2. Very pretty, might pick some up. I think peach is one of those colors that works for just about everyone.

  3. Great Site-very dashing, Perhaps you could mention my site too:

    Thanks and I can’t wait to see what else you post.


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    • I totally reccomend Etude House! They are a super popular korean brand, I have only tried this lip tint so far but I was very happy with it. I’m going to try more of their products soon. ^_^

  5. i love it on you! now im thinking if i should get this. but i’ve got a number of orange milky tints from other korean brands. >.< i haven't tried mine, but i'm hoping it would fit me just the same as it did with you

  6. Wonderful review and you look so pretty ^^ I have never tried lip tint before, but probably will go and get my 1st tube of lip tint soon!! I’ve read that this lip tint has great staying power, but is it hard to remove after the entire day? Also have you tried another lip tint from Etude House – Kissful Tint Choux? I can’t really decide which one to get >.<

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