I have just made a very exciting purchase!

Can you guess??
I have just booked flights to Tokoyo for April 2013!!
I will be there over my birthday which is great!!
I’m so excited! The world better not end in 2012 or i’ll be pissed! xD

We will be there for a total of 13 days! Yay! The flight only have one stop, in London. I havn’t been to London either. o-o

38 responses to “I have just made a very exciting purchase!

  1. how exciting! I went to Japan in 97 with an exchange program and stayed for about 14 days…Tokyo is AMAZING.
    can’t wait to see what you have to say about it…even if its months away!

    • Wow that sounds like such an amazing experience! πŸ˜€
      I have always wanted to go and i’ve been saving for years now! Hehe I think the next 6 months will fly by! ^_^

    • Sadly we only get to stay in London for a couple of hours, I really want to visit there for real some day and do some shopping! It’s only an hour flight from where I am! ^_^

  2. awww your gona have the best time ever =\^O^/=
    i would love to go…. tho i don’t think i will i know for a fact i would defo get lost HAHAH you know me LOL
    =^_^= hope you have a good time hun xox.

    • Thanks!!
      Hahaha I bet we’re gonna get lost lots. xD
      Lucky i have Miffy or i would probably never get home! I’d die from being lost forever.. xD
      Gonna be so fun! ^_^

      • just you hold on to him real tight ok HEHE =\^O^/=
        that way you will be fine ❀ xoxox ❀

  3. Wow I bet you would spend your day at shopping mall haha. but only 13 days ? I would stay for a month to worth the money ticket.

  4. Don’t worry, the world won’t be ending in 2012 just simply because the world cannot end unit I go to Japan…And you’re going for the Hanami!!!! Ah!!! So lucky!. I want to go in 2014 for my bday. So next year I have to save a lot of cash. Post some pics when you come back πŸ™‚

    • Hahaha right it’s not permitted to end until we both get to go! ^O^
      Ahhh yes I really wanted to go during this time so the weather would not be too hot for me, so I hope it will be really nice! Though we will be there 2 or 3 days into golden week and pretty much every brochure says to avoid golden week as the crowds will be even worse and prices more expensive. oops. xDD

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