Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub Review

Hello again everyone! How are you all? ^_^
Today I am going to review my Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub!<3

I love lush products! I love that I can just walk into the shop and pick out whatever I like without having to worry about checking the brands stance on animal testing. Most of Lush products are vegan, and all are cruelty free! Yay~
The little pot contains pink bubblegum flavor sugar which is used to exfoliate your lips. As soon as you open it the smell is just amazing!

The sugar is far more fine than I imagined, which is perfect for me as my skin is really sensitive. As I rubbed the product into my lips I definitely got the feeling it was sweeping away the dead skin without being too rough or causing any cuts! (My lips always end up bleeding if I try the “old toothbrush” method! It hurts!!)
What’s unique about this scrub is that once you have finished, you simply like the sugar away! Oh my gosh the taste!! It is sooo nice, it actually reminds me of the strawberry jelly I used to love! I can’t eat it anymore since it contains gelatin(eww~). Or maybe strawberry Hubba Bubba!

I have used this Lip Scrub everyday since buying it! I recommend using it before applying lipstick to create a smooth even base. If your not a big fan of bubblegum flavors, these lip scrubs also come in a mint and sweet flavors!

Overall Score: 9/10

  •     Soft fine granules
  •     Multiple flavors
  •     A little pricey
  •     100% vegan
  •     Lovely smell
  •     Amazing taste!

32 responses to “Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub Review

  1. I have the same stuff and I love it! Have you tried whip stick? Chapstick that tastes like chocolate orange… Love love love

    • I havn’t tried that one yet! Though I did have a little lipbalm that was chocolate flavour, looked like chocolate, smelled like chocolate, it felt strange rubbing it on my lips haha ^O^

  2. Thank you so much for following my blog!^^♥
    You are super kawaii!^__^ And your blog is so pretty*w*

    The scrub seems amazing! I have never used any lipscrub before but I think I’ll try now~-^ Hopefully, Lush in Stockholm has it>w<'

    • Your welcome Anna-chan! You blog is so lovely! Thank you so much for returning the favour hehe ^3^
      I think you will really like it, it is so sweet and tastes so good! Good luck I hope you can find it. (>^_^)>

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