Wishlish 02

I don’t know about you girls but I spend way to much time online window shopping. This is a pretty long list, there’s no way I can buy it all especially since I’m saving all my money for my Japan trip! I need to check my bank balance. xD
Is it too early to make a Christmas list?!?!?! ❤

1. Alter Melty Figure

This figure is just amazing! She isn’t gonna be released until 2013 and the exact date is tbc so I have plenty of time to save up. I bet she will be expensive, but who cares she is just adorable!! xD
I haven’t bought any new figures for a while, they are so expensive and I’m running out of space! I should try selling some of my figures but I love them so much. >.<

2. David and Goliath Pajamas

I love David and Goliath T-shirts! These PJs are soooo cute! I buy most pajamas from the likes of primark because they are so cheap and they have so many cute kinds, but these are pretty pricey. >//<

3. My Melody iPhone case, from Etsy Shop

I found this super cute case on Etsy Shop! The shop has lots of different kinds so I recommend having a look if you like this kind of thing. Sadly this is also pretty pricey, waaah but I want it so bad. xD (source)

4. Dead of Alive 5

Dead or Alive 5 comes out this month! I’m glad they have finally released another one for playstation. It looks like it will be a lot of fun. ^_^

6. One Piece: Pirate Warriors

One Piece: Pirate Warriors also comes out this month! It’s a One Piece game with the same sort of gameplay as Dynasty Warriors, from what I’ve seen it looks very fun. xD

7. Beaucon Shimmer Blue

These lenses are so pretty, they are blue with a slight green tint , they are also only 14.00mm so I assume they will give a real natural feel. These are also the same lenses that Kotakoti was seen wearing (even though she lies about wearing them). lol >3<;;

8. SailorMoon Cosplay

I really want to cosplay for Halloween, but the costumes I listed last time are just so expensive so I really can’t afford it yet. SailorMoon costumes can be found on eBay for pretty cheap, plus I’ve been watching a lot of Sailor Moon lately. Would I make a good Sailor Moon? >o<
I wish I had girl friends to do the full Sailor Scout theme with xD

9. Diamon Lash Baby Eye

These are bottom lashes with the same sort of look as my Dolly Wink Baby Cute, however they are all on one strip which is just what I’m looking for. You also get 5 in one box rather than just 2. ^_^

21 responses to “Wishlish 02

  1. That iPhone case is just to cute, I remember watching sailor moon when I was at school, I didn’t miss an episode!! Serena was my favourite! I think you definitely make a good sailor moon! ^^
    Big hug ❤

  2. I love sailor moon and I think you would look great as her but I’m also thinking you might make for sailor Venus more so… Not sure – still deciding.

    Also it’s not that long of a list! I do a lot of online window shopping (or more so buying) too! Love the PJ’s and my melody cover also

    • I thought about Sailor Venus too! Hmm and with Sailor Venus I wouldn’t have to wear a wig either ^_^
      But Sailor Moon is so cute and always been my fave! It’s a hard choice xD
      Hehe I guess it’s not so bad,I took a couple things away that I didn’t feel so passionate about cause I was scared of looking a little like a brat. xD

      • She will most likely be available online for pre-order months before she is released, these kind of figures sell out pretty quickly so it’s best to pre-order. 🙂
        Places like eBay, Play-asia, Hobby Search etc. ^_^

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