TonyMoly Peach Anti-aging hand cream

Hello Hello!

This is a product I have been looking forward to getting for some time. To be honest, I’m not a big hand cream user, my hands never really feel dry or anything so I never really felt a need to use one. Also, this is a hand cream boasting anti-aging properties….mm well I’m only 21 and it’s not uncommon for me to be mistaken for 16 (FML!!) Q_Q”sooo I don’t feel as if my hands need to be de-wrinkled either.

So why did I even buy this??
I’ll tell you why!!

Look! Look at the super cute tub it’s kept in! It is shaped like a cute little peach, makes for a nice mascot for the blog name right? Maybe I can take some pictures of it later. So yeah.. that’s pretty much why I wanted it. I’m a sucker for a cute package, even though im well aware that doesn’t really effect the quality of the products inside. We all deserve a silly purchase once in a while right? xD

Like I said, I don’t really have dry hands or a need for anti-aging, so I don’t feel like I can comment so much on how this products fairs on these fronts, however I can talk about what I do like about it. The smell of this hand cream is sooo nice, I just apply it to my hands so I get to smell it for a little while. It smells just like peaches and cream, its delicious! The scent is pretty strong though and I can smell it about 20mins after applying which can be seen as either a good or bad thing depending how sensitive you are to scents. It feels really soft and sinks into the skin very quickly.

So damn dark today I couldn’t take a single good photo, maybe I can take a picture with this peach again another time. ^o^
P.S Oh! Forgot to mention, I have just gota Twitter account guys. The follow link is in the side bar so please follow. ^_^


20 responses to “TonyMoly Peach Anti-aging hand cream

  1. That is a really cute tube! Not sure if I’d need it, even as a guy my hands are pretty soft but I would buy it just for the tub too 🙂

  2. ummm the pot looks more like a breast to me :), it maybe my laptop though,, I love the smell of peaches so its something I would buy for the smell. How much did it cost and where can I purchase it ?

    • Ahahah my mum said the same thing. When she spotted it, she thought it was something you put in your bra to make your breasts look bigger or something!! 😄
      It cost £6.33 on eBay ^_^

  3. I bought this as well! I finished the jar pretty quickly, I really love how it smells! Now I keep some of my rings in the empty peach x)! Hope you enjoy it!

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