Japan Trip Thoughts

Since booking my flight to Japan, even though it is a while away yet, just some things I can’t seem to get out of my head the past couple of days.
I have always wanted to go to Japan, it’s amazing the dream is now starting to become a reality! >.<
But naturally I have some worries…not many, and the pure excitement pretty much drowns them! There are so many things I’m looking forward to, soo I just wanted to start making posts on my thoughts.

I guess the number 1 thing that worries me is the vegetarian issue. From what I heard vegetarianism isn’t popular at all in Japan and is seen as something only foreigners do. Even veggie meals are said to contain some meat/fish traces making it something I worry about a lot. Pretty much every article I’ve read on it is highly discouraging on the matter. Part of me feels like I should just eat meat while I’m there…but I haven’t eaten it for so long and it pretty much repulses me now, and the fact is I just don’t want to eat it. Suddenly starting to eat meat after a long time can also make you feel very ill sooo that could put a downer on the trip. I do have a list ofΒ restaurants that offer vegetarian meals but that list is pretty short! xD

And the number 1 thing I’m looking forward to? Liz Lisa! I love Liz Lisa clothes, and I have done so for a very long time. I’m not a big “brand name” girl, I don’t pay much attention to designer labels but Liz Lisa clothes are just sooo cute. It is actually very hard to find genuine Liz Lisa clothes online that ship to the UK, most of the stores about only sell fakes while pricing them around the same amount as the genuine clothes! I’m really exited about visiting this store for the first time and just being able to buy whatever I like! The one thing I like about being short is that the clothes made for dainty Asian girls fits me also! ❀

I hope they are still selling these shoes while i’m there! LOL!

Wah I can’t wait!
If you guys have any tips on fun things to do in Tokyo please let me know! ^o^


46 responses to “Japan Trip Thoughts

  1. Those are some fantastic shoes! I’m sure you’ll have a blast! I feel your concern about diet restrictions. I am unable to eat fish and it was a real problem in China, I’m sure it’s the same in Japan too. You can try to say that you are vegetarian, but they consider fish to be vegetarian…. http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~jwb/cgi-bin/wwwjdic.cgi?1E this is a link to some phrases you can use to explain your situation. SAISHOKUSHYUGI is vegetarian; TABEMONO is food. SAISHOKUSHYUGI NO TABEMONO GA ARIMASU KA? Are there vegetarian dishes? SAKANA is fish; NIKU is meat. WATASHI WA SAKANA TO NIKU GA DAME DESU. I can’t eat fish and meat. DAME means can’t or not allowed. You can also say TABERARENAI DESU which means I really can’t eat it. If they go EH? then you can say VEGETARIAN DESU. Hope this helps! I don’t know if you know any Japanese =S

    • THey are arn;t they? So sweet and doll-like! I know in Japan fish is a big thing, but even before I stopped eating meat I never liked fish! hahaha eugh xP
      oohhh this will be very helpful! Thanks so much! ❀
      I know very lttle japanese, a few words here and there but i'm going to take a short class before I go just to give myself some basics ^_^

  2. Ahhh! I am so jealous of you, are you going anywhere besides Tokyo? My advice would be to take a train out to some rural areas if you have time, the Japanese country side is breathtakingly beautiful! And make sure you get a crepe from a street vendor, OH AND TRY THE ICE CREAM ITS SOOO GOOD. Lucky you, I hope you have some great adventures!

  3. Awww… JAPAN!!! I wanna go again!!! *–* Hope you will get to see some pretty cherry blossom too! ^^ If you wanna get Original Liz Lisa online, go to their official online store: http://lizlisa.jp/
    You will need third party shipping agent e.g. Tenso to help you ship to outside Japan. Try to buy during their online sales/free shipping within Japan to save $, I think that’s the best way to support Original products! ^^ Enjoy your trip sweety!

  4. I remember when I went to China I was really worried about the food as well, as I don’t eat pork (~_~;) so there were a lot of things I couldn’t eat. I even had to try to ignore the fact that most of the food I was eating was cooked in pig fat! But don’t worry, I’m sure there will be lots of new (vegetarian) foods for you to try. And you’ll be so excited by being in Japan that food will the least of your concerns πŸ˜‰

  5. Hey babe,

    I’ve been to Japan a total of six times right now, so if you have certain questions just email me: a.laes@arcor.de
    And maybe you want to check out my blog because I just came back from Tokyo a week ago and I blogged a lot during my time there!
    Recent,y I have seen a lot of organic and vvegetarian restaurants in Omotesando so you might wanna check out that area! Udon Soba and Tempura is one of the big vegetarian choices in Japan atm.

    Please feel free to contact me anytime! xoxo

    • Thank you somuch panda! I will check out your posts πŸ˜€
      It is very kind of you to offer me your help and advice! I will certainly send you an email if I have any concerns!
      Ahh Udon Soba sounds so yummy! ❀
      Thanks again!

      • You are very welcome miss!
        If it comes to Tokyo I know it very well so I’d love to help you out!
        There are some nice outlet stores in Harajuku which you should definitely check out! Also ‘Sunshine City’ in Ikebukero. It’s a big underground mall but the prices are pretty decent. Way cheaper than what you can find in Shibuya (if not forever 21) ❀

      • Thank you so much it’sfantastic to have someone who knows their stuff to help you out right ^_^
        It will be my first time, but my boyfriend has been before but he was only in Tokyo for a couple of days.
        Wow that sounds amazing! I will totally go there for a shopping spree xD

  6. I love those shoes. So adorable. Can’t wait to see what you pick up from Japan. As far as the vegetarian thing goes, I think there are quite a few sushi pieces that are made with just veg. But I could be wrong. Maybe just eat fish, and very lightly. Nothing really heavy. Or do your own shopping while there and don’t eat out much? ❀

    • Me too, theyarevery doll-like ^_^
      I can do a big post on all my goodies, hehe that will be a fun one. Also bring some stuff home for a giveaway *_*!
      Ahh good idea veg sushi might be quite nice too! Though i dislike fish since I was a kid.. wonder if I could eat it now xD

      • They use a lot of wonderful sauces there. If the fishy taste is overpowering, you could always dose it with sauce of some kind. And different kinds of fish have a great taste. Ex, I hate tuna, but love salmon. It would be a great opportunity for you for to try new things. ❀

  7. There are tons of veggie places to eat in Japan! A lot of foreigners will tell you it’s hard to find veg/vegan places, but that wasn’t my experience at all. Many traditional Japanese places are completely vegan and there are many macrobiotic restaurants that serve mostly vegan food since it’s very trendy. I bought this book like the first week I was there and it really helped me out: http://www.veganjapan.net/pocketguide-e.html It has a huge list of vegan/vegetarian restaurants as well as info on what you can buy at grocery stores and convenience stores.
    I hope you have a great time in Japan! Let me know if you have any questions or would like specific restaurant recommendations or anything πŸ™‚

  8. Would the hotel you stay at have vegetarian meals? I would think so because they need to cater to all food requirements.

    I say don’t eat meat! I know you will find a way to overcome it πŸ™‚

    • hmm i’m not sure, all they really seem to mention on the food side of things is the fact that they serve a breakfast but it has bacon/sasuages etc. Maybe I could just have it without πŸ˜€
      Thank you for your encouragement! I’m starting to feel more optimistic about the whole thing now. :3

    • It could be! I took the photo from google images just to show a LizLisa store, so i’m not 100% sure where it is. ^_^

  9. It’s great that you’re going to Japan. I’m going there too (in about 1 week) to visit my uncle & cousins over there. I’m sure you’ll have a fun time… Vegetarian food has not exactly caught on as a trend in Japan yet, but hopefully this site helps: http://www.bento.com/r-veg.html.

    Also, if you’re looking for some cute feminine clothes while you’re there…like many of the previous replies, here are some places to keep in mind: La Foret department store, Shibuya 109 department store, Takeshita Street (in Harajuku), Marui City department store, & Cat Street (in Harajuku). I hope this helps…and have a fun trip!

  10. I’ve lived in Japan for about 20 years, and when I first came here I was vegetarian; a few years ago I started eating fish again but refuse to eat meat. In my experience, saying you’re vegetarian will produce mixed results, but if you insist you don’t eat meat or fish because of some kind of allergy (and probably eating meat would make you unwell since you haven’t eaten it in a while) people take it more seriously.
    There is some vegetarian sushi, but there isn’t very much choice. Tempura uses a lot of vegetables, but I think it would be cooked in the same (very hot) oil as the fishy bits. As far as noodle dishes are concerned, the broth will at least be fishy, if not meaty, so you probably need to be careful. There is a kind of cooking called ‘shojin ryori’ which is temple cuisine and completely vegetarian. There are also a lot of Indian and Italian restaurants in Tokyo and the Kanto area, so you can have a break from Japanese food if the strain of finding something suitable gets a bit much. There are also a lot good bakeries so you can pick up lunch etc. quite easily.
    Do get in touch via my blog id you’d like more help / information, either before you come or while you’re here. (Hope I’m not too late, maybe you’ve already been, eek.)

    • I’ve never really eatin any fish in my life since I have disliked the smell since I was young. I don’t want to come off as rude…I think I will try stick with dishes that do not have meat but I will try not to be too fussy with broth and meat traces. Ah that is goo news, I’mglad I will be able to try some diffrent foods while i’m there, italian is a favourite of mine! Thank you so somuch for your help! I really appreciate you taking the time to advise me!
      & don’t worry, i’m not going until april 2013! Im so excited!

  11. My in-laws live in Japan so I’ve been back and forth but food really isn’t a big deal, you can eat veggie curry and pasta…every restaurant seemed to have veggie stuff…also you can go to the grocery stores and stock up on snacks, Shibuya and Harajuku were the best for kawaii clothes. If you have time go to Chiba its nice and not to crowded. One thing is some of the subways bathrooms aren’t up to date so its a stall with a whole in the ground…that scared me the first time so be ready! When are you going?

    • Thats good news! I love curry and pasta too! I can’t wait to go shopping for kawaii clothes,and maybe some cosplays! OMG hole in the ground? I can understand how that would scare you! Thank you i’ll know to avoid themin that case! xD

  12. I’ve been a vegetarian in Tokyo and it wasn’t that hard. Most restaurants have pictures of the meals in the menus and it’s easy to see where there’s meat and where not. Sushiplaces often have vegetarian sushis such as avocado. If you’re getting hungry and can’t find a place with vegetarian options, just go to the closest supermarket and buy some onigiri (often vegetarian) while looking for a good place. Set menus at places, that is to say when you order a meal and get lots of different small dishes, are 80% vegetarian most of the time, just leave the fish & meat and eat the rest. If you wan’t to make sure nothing has been cooked in fishsauce or simillar you will have a much harder time. I chose to be a bit more relaxed and simply gave my boyfriend the meat i found i my food, stocked up on snacks to have in case vegetarian food was hard to find, and made the best of it. Tokyo is such a wonderfull place it’s worth working a bit to find the food if the option is missing out on the best city in the world πŸ™‚

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