Diamond Lash Baby Eye Review

When I went to do my make-up for the review today, I opened my bag to see that a broken piece of black eyeshadow had gotten all over all of my make-up. I spent so long washing it all down and still while doing my make-up random black smudges appeared on my hands! Urgh so horrible. The make-up bag is pretty much ruined also. Q_Q!!!

Anyway getting to the point! – today I am going to review Diamond Lash Baby Eye, I got these in the hopes of a easier alternative to the Dolly Wink Baby Cute. These are a bottom set of eyelashes.

You get 5 sets of lashes in each packet (I have lifted one pair out of the box), it’s quite nice to get more than one or two sets for a change, but of course they can be a little more expensive, I think I paid around $19 for this set. Sadly the package isn’t anything special, I love cute packaging and this is a little plain, boring and flimsy.

The lashes themselves are really cute, I like the separated look for bottom lashes. They are pretty long length wise, so be sure to turn them upwards a little if you choose to wear them to keep them from looking too artificial. They don’t really give a natural look, but they will give a dolly-eye costume vibe (pretty awesome for Halloween!). They don’t feel soft like Dolly Wink lashes, they feel a little like plastic but I’m unsure what they are made of to be honest.

These lashes come on one strip so they are really easy to apply, however one it annoys me when lashes don’t come with any glue to use. No glue is provided so if you want to buy you have to use glue from other brands or buy some. They are very sturdy and therefore should last you a long time, the strength also means they are very easy to clean.
Overall I really like these lashes for nights out or even cosplay, but are a little to heavy for everyday use.

Overall Score: 7/10

  •  Easy to apply
  • Boring package
  • 5 lashes in one set
  • No glue provided
  • Reasonable price
  • Dolly look
  • Sturdy and easy to clean

(Like my fluffy hat?! Brought it out from being cooped up since last winter~ XD)


39 responses to “Diamond Lash Baby Eye Review

  1. You are so pretty. Your eyes look stunning with those lashes.
    Sorry about the black eye shadow incident. Yikes!

  2. You look super cute, babe!! Love those lashes on you! I could never manage to get them on properly without looking real drag! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Xoxo

    • Me too! I have some very natural bottom ones that I may wear in day time but they are so natural that they look like normal lashes anyway so it feels pointless xD

  3. I’ve never tried bottom lashes before, but these look pretty fun to use – also it looks like it’s applied as a whole strip too instead of individually! Your eyes look amazing, great review 😀

  4. Wow! They look great. I love the way you did it. It made your eyelashes longer and more enhanced. It did bring out the beauty of your eyes.

  5. oh these look good on you. kind of a sexy look. this looks good on caucasians but would probably look fake on asians like me. I’m looking for some natural lower falsies that are heavier near the outer edges with hard luck so far.

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