Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires Demo

The Dynasty Warriors 7 Demo was released today! The demo focus on the custom character feature of the game, and allows you to test your character out in a short 5 minute battle.

Please keep in mind this Demo is only available in Japan right now, you don’t need a Japanese PS3 but you will need to make a Japanese PSN account, it’s actually pretty easy to do! Here is the video I used to create my Japanese psn account:


Once the account has been created you can dl the demo from the JP playstation store, currently it is listed under “new stuff”.
If you haven’t playing Dynasty Warriors before I encourage you to go ahead and try out this demo! It doesn’t say much about the actual gamely of the game, but if you are interested in learning more then please check out the Koei Warriors information thread.^_^

Here are some characters that I made. (click to view larger image) First is “Sophie” as in me >.>”’

She looks gyaru. Hmm the game doesnt have a very good blonde shade, this was as close as I could get.

You get the default costume choices, in the real game you are able to unlock more.
And of course you get a choice of weapon. ^_^

And now heres just a couple of nameless cute characters I made.

Pink hair!

In Jin colors.

Big boobies…don’t match her baby face. o.O

Have fun :3

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