Circle lens tutorial

Hi guys! Since doing some reviews on circle lenses in the past, I have gotten a lot questions from ladies curious about starting into the circle lenses world. If you’ve never used lenses before, it can seem a little daunting and scary at first. Since Halloween is coming up, and circle lenses are very popular with costumes, I decided I would do my first ever tutorial, I hope you find it helpful!

Where do I start?
You first want to think a little bit about what kind of lenses you want. There are many lens stores online, all with all kinds of different lenses so it can be a little confusing. First decide on your color/colors and use this as the base, then decide on the kind of look you want, this will allow you to filter out the contacts you don’t want.

What do I need?
Circle lenses will require care, to this end you will need to buy some essentials in order to keep them clean. You will need a lens case (sometimes provided with lenses) and you will also need solution which will need to be refreshed every time you use the lenses.

I have bad eyesight, can I still use circle lenses?
Ofcourse! In fact many circle lenses can be provided with prescription strength like normal contact lenses. If you don’t know what your strength is then go to your optician and ask about it. I myself am short sighted and need -1.75 strength in my circle lenses.

Natural look
If your after lenses that will appear natural, go for a smaller diameter. I recommend keeping it around 14.0 – 14.5 mm, you also wont want a black outline on your lens. Black outlines are very common in circle lenses so either avoid them or go for a very thin one for a more natural look.

Anime look
If your looking for something more flashy, anime-style or doll-like aim for lenses with a large diameter. Larger diameter lenses can be little more uncomfortable, and for that reason I recommend a smaller diameter with your first lenses. However I started on a pair of lenses at 15.00mm which is kind of large and it felt fine (however I did wear normal contact lenses for sight beforehand). If you have your heart set on this look also go for a large black outer ring as this will draw lots of attention to the eyes, bright and vibrant colors are also a good choice.

My circle lenses have arrived! Now what?
First they need to be put into solution for about 4/6 hours. Circle lenses come in little glass jars, the solution in these jars is not meant to be put into your eye. It is not used for keeping the lenses clean but rather for keeping them fresh, so make sure to soak them in the cleaning solution for a good while before inserting them in your eye. If there’s one thing you don’t wanna take chances with it’s your eyes!
Note: Be sure to never ever attempt to rinse you lenses with water.

Okay I left them in the solution, now how do I insert them?
I have created a quick video showing how I insert my contact lenses. Rember to wash your hands first! ^_^

Time to take them out!
The recommend way to remove lenses is to first look up, then then with your middle finger, hold down the lower lid. Use forefinger to slide lens to lower part of eye. Lightly pinch lens with thumb and forefinger and very gently pull the lens out. I personally do not do it this way, I can make a video showing you guys how I do it but the way I do it is not recommended. I’m not sure why, it has never caused me any problems, but the way stated above has caused me to pinch my eyeball a few times and that really hurts!!

Back into the case!
You will now need to replace the solution that was used to store the lenses before by refilling the case with new solution before placing the lenses in for storage. Most circle lenses are 1 year disposable, which means they can be worn everyday for a year, but they must be stored in solution and the solution must be replaced after every time you wear them.

If you guys have any questions about circle lenses please ask below! Also, if you would like to see more video tutorials from me let me know, I know the one I made above is pretty unhelpful but hey it was my first try! xD
Would you like a video on removing / cleaning lenses? or a make-up tutorial?


39 responses to “Circle lens tutorial

  1. your natural eye colour is super pretty too!!! ❤ i've been looking at contact lens but most i like are plano only -_____-'

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  3. I got my first pair of GEO lenses but when i tried one of them on, it felt ok but when took it out, my were streaked with red and it was a bit uncomfortable. Is ths normal for first time circle lens users?

    • Yes this can be normal! How long did you wear them for? A similar thing happened to me after wearing my lenses for a long time.
      If it continues to happen every time you wear them, then try making an appointment with an optician and ask for thir advice. 🙂

  4. i kinda.. didn’t know you were meant to soak them before hand. and put them straight into my eyes! but they were fine for up to 12 hours.. think i stratched my right eye as it started hurting then but has a sleep and been fine for.. 4 days now without them on. i’ve not permantly damanged my eyes by not soaking them have i? thankfully i done the rest of your tutorial fine!

    • Ahh well the main problem witht that would be the lenses were probably not so clean when you used them, however if you don’t have any strange symptoms by now I think you are okay! My friend made the same mistake too, but her eyes are fine. ^_^

      • Oh thank goodness! Was really worried lmao. ^^ I’ve probably had the most minor itch on my right eye since but honestly I’ve only itched it twice this week so think I’m just being a hyperchondriac hahaha. Can’t wait to get more anyway 😉 thanks again for the tutorial and reply! Xxx

  5. Hello! Thanks for the tutorial!
    I o have a few questions left, though.
    Are you supposed to be soaking them in the lense case? Also, is this where you store them permanently?
    And when exchanging the solution, is it required to clean the case as well? You said to never rinse the lenses with water…What if they fell into the sink, which is always kind of wet? Would it be bad?

    I am very sorry, I am not only a noob when it comes to lenses, I am also very paranoid with my eyes so I was going to ask every minor detail just to be sure

  6. Hi! ^°^
    I have a question. I already wear regular lenses for sight and I know my prescription- can I use that on circle lenses or do I need a new prescription?

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