Wishlist 03

Hi everyone! I reached 500 followers a couple of days ago, i’m just amazed! Thank you all so much!! <3~~

I thought I would do another wishlist for fun, i’ve been kind of bored the past couple of days so i’ve been doing more internet window shopping. I’m Liz Lisa on the brain these days! I have also been looking at anime figures for the first time in a while, how comes all the ones I concider buying are the super expensive ones?! Every time… xD

1. Liz Lisa Pink Pumps

These cute pink shoes are probably top of my list right now. They also come in brown and dark brown colors, but I’m going for the pink as I’m coordinating a pink/beige “Japanese school girl” style outfit. I will buy them pretty soon but I’m going to wait until another pair of shoes I bought a while back arrive in the post first. ^_^ (damn expensive though!)

2. Liz Lisa white lace blouse

Another item for my school girl style outfit, I like to mix it up by adding shirts like these with different textures and interesting lace patterns! I think this would look super cute with the pink satin bow I am getting.

3. Pink Satin Bow

And here’s the pink satin bow I want for the outfit too. These kind of bows are super cheap on ebay!

4. Nen-nen figure by Shunya Yamashita

Some of you may already know I collect anime figures. I haven’t bought one in a very long time, it’s a pretty expensive hobby, plus I have so many that I don’t have room for them all. I really like Nen-Nen, and I have a bunch of figures by Shunya Yamashita before, including Non-Non who would look amazing displayed next to Nen-Nen! She’s too expensive for me right now though, maybe I can sell some of my figures……….but I love them and find it hard to part with them!

5. Tokyo Milk Iced Green Tea

I love the box for this sooo much! I love green tea and drink it atleast a couple of cups a day! Even thinking about it is making me thirsty. Tokyo Milk have a wide range of lip balms all with boxes that are best described as works of art!

6. Angelic Pretty Donut Bag

Cute right? I only discovered this bag recently, and as far as I know it’s an old product from Angelic Pretty that was released years ago so I can’t find it anywhere. It’s too bad, I’d buy it if I could find it, but to no avail. I just have this thing for bags and accessories with cute food themes. ^//^

7. Ring Light

I want a ring light! They are good for taking portrait photos right!? Xiaxue uses one and she just takes amazingly beautiful photos, don’t think I’ll ever be as photogenic as her though! hehehe. I’m soo bad at taking photos of myself, I really take so many and pick one that I kinda sorta think is kinda sorta ok looking, I’m never happy. xD
Thanks for reading! ^_^


31 responses to “Wishlist 03

  1. no way my mum’s getting me them shoes for xmas … i have to add some money to them tho =T_T= damn after p&p they are dear LOL … the dearest shoes i will ever have goten oh why is nice stuff so dear XOX

      • its is expensive but very cute when i get my loan payed of well its my dream to have a wardrobe full of liz lisa stuff and them shoes are my first item =^O^/= oh and i get this smelly camera xoxoxox

      • Mee too I can’t wait to go there when i get to Japan. Why don’t we have cute shops like that?? All pink and looks like a princess bedroom with super cute clothes ^o^
        Our shops are boring compared! XD

      • they are well …. any nice shops and they get robbed HAHAHAH LOL we’re living the dream here in bangor baby =\^O^/= xox

      • Soooo true bangor the city of dreams. Hahahaa. I was walking back to the train station from belfast, and saw a couple of chavs run out of the Cath Kidson shop with their arms full of handbags!!! >:/

      • opps i thought no one saw me and gareth … i need to be more careful next time LOL tell me about it and its always cold =T_T= HAHAHAH.

    • There is an english online shop that sells them, but I think that shop waits for you to order them, then imports them for you which is nice. You can buy them direct from Liz Lisa through a shopping service too though since Liz Lisa does not ship outside Japan. ^_^

      • Ooh that is nice! I hate ordering from abroad and only use companies that I really trust when I have to get stuff from outside the UK. It is such a headache when international post goes wrong!

  2. I love the shoes too, pass them this way when you don’t like them anymore lol.
    There is a girl i have read about ina lot of my crochet magazines who specialises in making food items of clothes, she made a bacon and eggs scarf which looked amazing. I’m sure she is Japanese too. I’ll find out her name if you like.

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