Happy Halloween: Hatsune Miku Cosplay

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all have a good one!
Are you guys dressing up today? How are you going to spend your halloween?
Today I dressed up as Hatsune Miku.

I had my Halloween night out on Saturday! It was fun at first but I got too drunk and had to go home early, so ashamed! My Liz Lisa coat is filthy now too…I wonder how that happened. >.>

I don’t go out or drink that often myself, i’m not a big party girl but I wanted to show my cosplay off! ^o^

Tonight me and my boyfriend are going to dress up in our costumes, order a pizza, get lots of sweets and snacks and watch lots of movies. ❤

I love the nights in the most hehe. No scary movies though! I’m too much of a wimp! I hate scary movies, though I could probably count the number of horror movies i’ve seen in my life time on my hand. xD


Have a great night everyone, stay safe. ^-^

Just a boring camwhore video. ^o^

57 responses to “Happy Halloween: Hatsune Miku Cosplay

  1. Waaaiiii! You look so tiny and flippin adorable! ♥ I could put you in my pocket! xD But seriously – great job! You make an adorable Miku~
    And I think that’s a great idea to just stay cozy indoors and just have fun! :3 Thankies for sharing~

    • Hehehe thank you,thank you! Awww and I put the boots on to give me a little bit of height too! hahaha ^o^
      Yes it is soo cold outside, and we still got to dress up just for the fun of it ^3^

    • It’s over 9000!! hahaha ^o^
      Thank you so much this is my first cosplay character ^_^
      I did it before but never took any photos last time so it was nice to take some this time :3

  2. Such a cute outfit =^__^= I love the wig too! Don’t know much about cosplay but this looks very cute! ‘m not a fan of horror movies either. I watched them years ago but got nightmares all the times (just the zombie ones) and others were just too disturbing so I decided to stop and only watch happy and funny movies so I only experience positive things 🙂

    • Thank you sweetie i’m glad you like it!
      Haha tell me about it! I could never get to sleep after watching one, and if I did I would get nightmares so best to just cut them out! Happy and positive movies make you feel nice after, much more worth while if you ask me! ^_^

  3. Dear Peachy Milk!
    Greetings from Shizuoka, japan!
    Thank you so much for visiting Shizuoka Gourmet (only one of my blogs!) and pressed on the “I Like “button!
    If I can be of any help about Japan and all the fun, don’t hesitate!
    Incidentally have you had a look at the series I wrote on Japanese fashion in Shizuoka?
    There are 47 of them!
    For a start go to:
    Japanese Ladies Fashion in Shizuoka 47: Ethnic for the Fall and Early Winter!
    After that just change the number from 47 to …. 1!
    You might find some fashion to your liking there!
    Best reagards and cos play!

    • Thank you so much I really think I will enjoy reading this!
      I am very intrested in Japanese fashion.I can’t wait to shop when I get there.
      Thank you for visiting me back!

  4. Wish I can hire you to be one of my manga character’s cosplayer… I think you’re pretty suit well to my character named Haruki. I also enjoyed photography though still an amateur..

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