Liebster Award

Oh my god I finally got down to doing one of these! Thank you Tara at Stupid Beautyy for nominating me! This took longer than I thought it would, but I wanted to do some kind of Q&A post at some time anyway! ^_^

These are the Rules:

♥ You Must Post 11 Facts About Yourself
♥ You Must answer the 11 questions from the person that nominated you
♥ Choose 11 bloggers you would like to nominate
♥ Create 11 questions to ask your nominees
♥ Let them know they are nominated!
♥ No Tag Backs!

I am an ovo-lacto vegetarian
This means I don’t eat meat flesh or fish, but I do eat dairy and eggs. Truth be told I’ve never ate fish, I never ever liked it so it hasn’t been in my diet form the beginning. I was never a massive meat eater but I did eat it up until I turned 17. When I have a home of my own, I want to adopt my own chickens so I can use their eggs instead of buying from the farms, this way I’ll know my eggs are coming from happy chickens!

Video Games are my past time!
I have always loved video games, I got my ps2 when I was about 11 and have been addicted to games ever since! There are a lot of games that I like and I play all kinds, but I have to admit I really dislike fps (first person shooter) games. I own around 15 Dynasty Warriors games for ps2,ps3 and psp alike, not to mention Warriors Orochi spin-offs and Samurai Warriors. Final Fantasy X is my all time favorite game and my main save file has over 250 hours spent on it, not to mention the many other times I have re-played the game for the sheer awesomeness of the story!

My Momohime figure

I collect anime figures!
I have collected many anime figures over the years! I started when I was about 14 or so, I bought a Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna figure from eBay, then I started collecting some smaller cheap figurines. From there I started collecting more and more expensive and rare figures, I bought Rikku, Yuna and Lulu figures from Final Fantasy X. Actually I bought Lulu on my mums credit card without telling her ehehe….I got in trouble back then! I don’t know how many figures I have right now, but it’s a lot, many from animes and games I’ve never even seen or played! I just wanted the figure!

I wore nothing but black for about 4 years
Yep, I’ve always been a girly girl at heart but for some reason I just couldn’t bring myself to wear anything with color. I wore black baggy clothes all the time and nothing else. I liked things with skulls, blood and general creepy things printed on them. It was just a couple years ago that it started to fade away and now I am the complete opposite.I am more myself now, I have always loved pink and cute things. :3

This month I will have been with my boyfriend for 4 years
Yep our 4 year anniversary is coming up! He just got a new job too so he promised me an awesome present! We are still very close and very happy together, the past three years have been seem-long distance as he was in England at university but he has now finished and back home! He takes good care of me and is my best friend. :3

My cat Bruno sleeping funny xD

I love cats!
Cats are my all time favorite animal and pet of choice! I also love many other animals, hamsters are a close second! My parents had a cat before I was born and he lived until I was about 16, his name was Stanley and he was always around for me. When he died it was so sad and we really missed having a cat around the house, so about 2 years later we adopted a new cat from the local animal shelter. He was a tiny baby kitten, and was only in the sanctuary for 1 day before we saw him and picked him, the woman who was fostering him said that if he wasn’t adopted within a week she wanted to keep him herself. When she heard someone was adopting him she was upset and came to see him before we took him, but it turned out she was my mums best friend from back in high school! She was so happy someone she knew and was close to was taking him home! :3

I only have 2 GCSE’s!
Yep, I pretty much failed my GCSEs. For those who do not know they are pretty much our end of high school exams, you are sent off into the world with whatever results you get! I only got a C in Art and C in Home Economics, everything else I failed. I hated my school, I hated the people, the teachers, the environment, everything was pure hell. CupcakeSakura can vouch for me, we went to the same school and it was a horrible place. I was never encouraged to do better, teachers never took any notice of my failing and never attempted to help me. I faked sick as much as I could, but when I was in school I was very quiet and never asked for help either. After school I went to collage, teachers were much nicer, they encouraged me and I came out with great results!

I suck at doing my hair
My hair is so damn annoying. It’s so thick and heavy, there’s sooo much of it and it takes soo long to style! I never even try heat styling anymore because I have no patience for it. I usually just braid my hair or use spiral curlers  when it’s wet and just sleep on it.

Princess Jellyfish

My favorite anime..
I’d probably say Ouran High School Host Club or Princess Jellyfish, but there are many others that I love too! Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Naruto and Yu-Gi-Oh of course. Right now I’m watching tonari no kaibutsu-kun which I’m loving!

Winter is my favorite season
I think winter is awesome, summer is annoying! I like the cosyness of winter, wearing cure knit mittens and hats, using hot water bottles to keep warm, wearing fluffy socks and warm pjs! Not to mention Christmas, I LOVE Christmas! I love shopping for presents, decorating the house, the lights all over the town, and getting presents is pretty fun too!

I’m messy!
Super messy! I leave my clothes all over the floor, I leave any thing I use at my feet! I’m totally lazy when it comes to cleaning, when I do clean I give it my all, but I only do it very rarely! My drawers of clothes and products have no organization, the clothes are pushed from side to side and pulled out when I’m looking for something, when I get dressed I just throw my clothes on the floor. xD

Questions from StupidBeautyy:
♥ What is one food you could eat everyday and never get tired of?
Hmmm Yasai Katsu Curry (Vegetable Curry) From Wagamama! It’s my favorite meal ever! Very fattening, but I don’t care it’s sooo good! Good thing my local Wagamama is a train ride away or else I’d be there everyday!
♥ What is your most favorite fashion item that you own?
My favorite item changes all the time, it’s usually my newest purchase! I have a nice warm jumper with a cat printed on it, the back of the jumper has the cats back paws.It’s super cute, super warm and I always get compliments about it!
♥ What is one thing you know you should probably get rid of, but can’t bear to part with?
My ps2 games, I have 2 big boxes filled with my old ps2 games. I play a couple of them from time to time but most of them just gather dust, I love them though! They brought me many hours of fun and excitement.
♥ What is the one thing that makes you laugh the hardest?
Oh this is a hard one. Probably when my cat does something silly, cats are so funny and cute!
♥ Most memorable childhood moment?
My dad taking me to the local toy shop called “Rainbow” (Closed down now T_T) and buying me Barbie dolls. Or Christmas mornings waking up to all the presents under the tree! Then visiting my family…and Getting more presents!
♥ If you could speak any language, what would it be and why?
Easy! Japanese so that I could buy and play Japanese ps3 games while understanding all the dialogue, I could watch anime without subtitles and I could talk to people when I go to Japan!
♥ Rain or Snow?
Snow all the way! It rains here all day everyday, Snow is magical to me even now at 21.
♥ If you could throw any kind of party, what would it be like and who would it be for?
A video game party! Where everyone would have to dress in cosplay,eat lots of cake, and play Dynasty Warriors with me. 😛
♥ If you had 30 minutes of free time to kill, how would you typically spend it?
Probably on the internet or watching something on t.v!
♥ If you could spend the day with any celebrity, who would it be?
I’m not really sure, I don’t really care for celebrity.. maybe Tsubasa Masuwaka
♥ If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?
I would wish for a smaller, cuter nose. :3
I would wish for my own vacation home in Japan!
I would wish for any person that abused an animal to suffer the same way!

My Questions for you:
♥ Do you have any pets?
♥ What happened in the last dream you remember?
♥ Do you have any siblings?
♥ What was the last thing you bought?
♥ Do you have any bad habits?
♥ Do you have a favorite anime?
♥ What meal do you enjoy cooking?
♥ What feature do you love most about yourself?
♥ What country do you want to visit most and why?
♥ What shampoo do you like best?
♥ Your #1 favorite item that you own?

I nominate:
Liss Cope
Caro is Spicy

18 responses to “Liebster Award

  1. Aww, congrats on the blog award and thanks for tagging me too! I’ll try to get around to doing that soon.

    I love your answers and the new questions too. It’s sooo hard to imagine you going through an all-black clothing look though! O_O

    • Thanks caro! I’m looking forward to your answers :3!
      hahaha IKR! I would be all black and have big black eyeshadow all around my eyes, then people would come to my bedroom and see it’s all pink and flower print! XD

  2. ~oooh such a cute anime figure! i only own one and its saber from fate stay night ^^

    ~congrats to you and your bf! that’s really long!

    ~aww i think ur hair is really pretty tho!

    ~yay to ouran high school club! i love that too!!! ❤

    ~fall and winter yes! i love wearing knee/thigh high socks! i just hate getting sick cuz of the sudden change of weather where i live… -_-

    ~lol i'm messy too! i had clothes everywhere when i was in school!

    ~omg videogame party FTW!!!! i would to be invited to one of those! even a LAN party would be awesome haha!

    ahh well this has been fun! thanks for nominating me again! 😛

    • Thanks! She is Momohime from some game that i’ve never played…lol but my boyfrind brought her back from japan for me! ^_^

      Thanks again! Couldn’t imagine being ithout him anymore. :3

      Ouran is great! I’ve watched it sooo many times lol! Have you sen princess Jellyfish? It’s soo great too :3

      True True the illness going around in winter is not so good. I seem to always get sick in spring though i dont know why! @_@

      Your welcome hun! Hope to see your answers too ❤

  3. Yay! I’m glad you’ve posted yours, it was fun to read your answers! I love vegetable curry as well! ^.^ And congrats on your upcoming anniversary with your boyfriend! ❤

  4. Reading the bit about your school experience ican totally relate. That sucks. Of course it sounds like your doing really well now,but 5 years is a long time to go through hell. Me and my siblings felt the same about our school. A lovely read. Good Job!

    • It was really horrible, but I don’t think I ever noticed how bad until I left and I was no longer around people like that, I just thought that’s how all schools were. Sadly I was placed in a class of all roudy boys who would always be acting up and causing problems so being quiet I never got to learn or any attention. When I went to collage it was so much better. ^_^

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