Tokyo Milk Green Tea Lip Balm Review

Hello again everyone!
I recently received the Tokyo Milk Green Tea flavored Lip Balm from my my wishlist in the post! I have been admiring Tokyo Milk products for a while now, the packages are just so eye-catching! Sadly the official Tokyo milk website only ships to US, so I bought mine on eBay. I paid about £12 for this.

I love anything with a oriental theme like this! Beautiful Chinese ladies in beautiful Chinese dresses, just lovely! I love green tea, but it was pretty much the box which drew me to this flavor, however if this box design isn’t to your taste they have so many more just as intricate and beautiful as this.

This picture shows the opposite side of the box, more beauty! If I forget about the box for the moment, I’m not sure if I really like this lip balm. The smell of the lip balm to me isn’t nice at all, it smells kind of musty and like old out of date perfume. Not appealing really, BUT once applying the lip balm onto my lips the smell becomes less overpowering and begins smelling much nicer. It sounds strange but:
in the tub – not nice!
on your lips – nice!

The lip balm itself is pretty hard, I personally prefer softer formulas. Once on your lips it feels very soothing on dry areas, and keeps my lips moisturized for a good few hours. What I do like about this balm is it doesn’t cause my lips to peel. The smell is very strong though, I can still smell it even after applying it an hour ago, so if you are very sensitive to smells then this brands lip balm probably isn’t for you. They have a wide range of candles and room sprays in the same flavors if this is more to your taste!

Overall score: 5/10

  •     Beautiful box designs
  •     Strong perfume smell
  •     Hard formula
  •     Not available locally
  •     Good moisture control

16 responses to “Tokyo Milk Green Tea Lip Balm Review

  1. I love Tokyo Milks products!^^ Although I have oly tried one of their lipbalms (found them in a small store here in Sweden, but now they don’t have them anymoreT__T) in ‘Cherry Bomb’!^^ I love anything with cherries and it smells really good! And I do agree, the lips don’t chap!

  2. I used to have the Cherry Bomb one too and it was gorgeous! It’s the only lip balm I’ve ever used right to the bottom. I think I got it on ASOS for half price ages ago, not sure if they stock Tokyo Milk anymore. The packaging is beautiful! x

  3. Way too expensive and its filled with artificial stuff! Try Buddha Balm for crazy flavor and for an all natural experience. You can buy them online at and they will ship to you. Try it!!!!

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