Introducing Wishtrend!

Hello everyone! Today I am going to post my entry for Wishtrend‘s super awesome & generous competition!!

I’m sure most of you know I love Asian beauty products, and this is super easy for me since I truly believe that Korean skincare products are the best you can get! Haven’t you seen those beautiful Korean women with flawless skin?!
Wishtrend are a Korean-based company that are bringing the greatness of Korean skincare and makeup to everyone!

A little about Wishtrend:

  •     Authentic products! You have to be careful these days when buying beauty products of popular brand as there are many fakes out there! You can feel safe shopping at Wishtrend.
  •     Free shipping after $70!
  •     Lots and Lots of free samples!! Who doesn’t love free samples?!! ❤
  •     Great communication, Wishtrend provides product reviews from their shoppers.
  •     World Wide Delivery!

To intoduce wishtrend i’m going to make a little wishlist of some products I have my eye on.

1. [L CRET] Miracle Magic LipStick – Fresh green

Lip-stick that changes color on your lips! Too cool! ^-^

2. [LE nail] Nail Polish – Lovely Pink

This is by far one of the cutest nail designs i’ve seen! I’ve always wanted to try these things..nail stickers? Is that what they are called? xD

3. [SKIN BARISTA] Apple Yogurt Wash Off Pack

It sounds good enough to eat!

4. [Elishacoy] 3D Spin Cleaner

This just looks amazing! The reviws have all been very good, I feel like i’m missing out on something great!

I hope you guys liked my intoduction to Wishtrend, be sure to check them out and if you have a blog enter thir contest!

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