ETUDE HOUSE: Aloha V-line Slim Maker Review

Hi everyone!
Finally a review! Today I am going to review my second product from Etude House, the Aloha V-line Slim Maker which is a contour and highlight power compact, I paid about $17 including shipping  from eBay.

I have been on the lookout for a contour powder for some time now, but since my skin is so pale I was worried it would make my face look like it was dirty or something! I took the plunge and bought the powder from Etude house, I got the shade Sun Gold which is the slightly lighter of the two shades it is available in. Cute box as expected from Etude House.^_^

Thw procust comeswith a little brush to use, the brush itself is very soft and cute. I wish they had made room inside the compact to keep the brush so it wasn’t floating about on its own.

The contouring side of the compact is used to create that V-line face shape. The key thing to remember when contouring is using the dark color will bring the feature back, the highlighting powder will bring the feature forward. I was pleasantly surprised with the contouring powder as it was very subtle, while still being able to give light that contoured effect. I was able to use it on my nose without it looking too obvious! ❤

The highlighting powder is very pigmented, a little too pigmented in my opinion. I feel it made my face look oily and shiny, it most definitely needs to be used sparingly. I’m weaing quite a lot of it in the picture I took for my “Wig Fun” post, so my face looks oily in that picture. x_x

Overall Score: 7/10

  •     Comes with brush
  •     Available in 2 Shades
  •     Pigmented highlighter
  •     Subtle contouring effect
  •     Suitable for pale skin

p.s I’m wearing some new lenses thato Uniqso have sponsored me, review coming soon!

8 responses to “ETUDE HOUSE: Aloha V-line Slim Maker Review

  1. The lenses look super nice and the powder looks good too! I need to try more things from Etude House, I only tried one or two things :/ which is not good they seem to have a lot of nice things!

  2. Etude House is good for people with fair skin colour, as for mine, it has to be applied few times and not very pigmented :/
    Anyway, have you tried their BB cream? They’re awesome and works fine even for my skin 🙂

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