Dolly Eye Gothic Three Tones Turquoise Review

Hi everyone!
Uniqso have kindly sponsored me another pair of beautiful lenses! I’m so lucky hehe, today I am going to review Dolly Eye Gothic Three Tones in Turquoise. Everything I say in the review is 100% my own opinion.

Uniqso have also given me a code which will give my readers a 10% discount at their store!
Code: PeachMilkyTea

Manufacturer: Dolly Eye
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.60mm

Again the lenses come secure in an adorable little box! So cute! They also provide a free lens case to store the lenses in.

Here is a photo of my eye before inserting the lenses, looking pretty boring! hehe ;D

And here is my after inserting the lenses! I can honestly say these are the favorite lenses that I own! These lenses give a great enlargement effect, and really make the eyes look wide and bright, however they still manage to look natural! The lack of strong black outline keeps these looking like my real eyes, like I just happen to have naturally wide dolly eyes! ~ *^* Hahaha!
I did expected the color to be a little more vibrant, perhaps even unnaturally vibrant, however that’s not to say the color is dull by any means!

Comfort wise these lenses gave me no problem at all, usually when I get new circle lenses they can feel a little strange at first. I could barely feel these lenses at all after inserting for the first time, they fit like a glove! I wore these for about 6 hours at the longest, and as with any lenses my eyes were feeling a little dry but nothing out of the ordinary.

Overall Score: 9/10

31 responses to “Dolly Eye Gothic Three Tones Turquoise Review

  1. Hi cute..β™‘
    You are pretty like u

    I would like to have these lenses i’m from saudi arabia
    How can i get them …?!
    I have a nearsightedness problem can i have them Dedicated…..!!
    I hope u anderstand me ..
    Plz help

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  3. you are so pretty ~ the lens looks so natural in your eyes .. i wonder will it looks natural too on asian eyes like mine …

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