My Christmas List!

Hello everyone! :3
I’m sure everyone knows Christmas is on its way! It’s still a few weeks away but I’m already stressing about what gifts to get people! Have you done your shopping yet?

In my house, when it comes to picking my own Christmas presents, my parents simply give me a budget and allow me to go and order whatever I like online. I of course don’t get any of the stuff until Christmas! Me and my boyfriend pretty much do the same thing. I didn’t want anything big so I picked a bunch of little things. I haven’t reached my full budget with either my parents or boyfriend but I’m happy with what I’ve ordered, don’t want be too greedy! xD
This is also kind of a “reviews to come” post huh?\^o^/

01. SKINFOOD Black Rasberry Serum


02. SKINFOOD Platinum Grape Cell Toner


I have been using a L’oreal toner for a loooong time. I got it a while ago before I educated myself on animal testing and which companies did it, I finally have come to the end of the bottle and now I can move on and use lovely SKINFOOD instead!

03. SKINFOOD Plaitnum Grape Call Emulsion

1292826589_l104. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Produced Eyelashes


These look kind of wild!

05. Dolly Wink Baby Girl

0002013_30006. Dolly Wink Sweet Cat


07. Dolly Wink Brown Mascara

7_31_12_308. Dolly Wink Brown Eyeliner


09. Dolly Wink Brown Eyeshadow


I love this eyeshadow, I never reviewed it before since it was all old and almost used up, now that it’s done I can get some more!

10. Ciate Caviar Nails


11. Lace Shorts


These were pretty cheap on ebay, i’ve wanted cute shorts like this for a long time!

Yeah a lot of cosmetics…….I need help ._.
I may make a Christmas Haul Video after the big day! ^-^

Writing the blog post I feel so strange. Meh a cold has went around everyone in my family, I thought I escaped it but it caught me, and I don’t think I’ve felt the full force of it yet. I just feel stuffy and strange. =o=’

Now back to shopping for presents for everyone…why are men so hard to buy for?! xD


29 responses to “My Christmas List!

  1. Have you tried The Face Shop or Tony Moly? 🙂 And I agree that men are a bit more difficult to buy for ;p

    I hope you feel better soon 🙂

    I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Cute shorts! I want shorts like that! My boyfriend and I choose what we want too. We agree to spend £100 on each other every Valentines Day, Christmas and birthday. I’m glad we do because it is so hard to pick something for a guy! I’ve almost finished my Christmas shopping. I made a list so I wouldn’t go and buy too many things…not that it worked. I ended up buying stuff for mself =D

    • Heheh they are very sweet looking, I only have black and boring shorts so I wanted ones that were cute! Hahah i know right?? Men are so hard to buy for! I start asking him what he wants months in advance, because he always says “Donno…dont get me anything” and ofc i wont do that! XD
      Haha wouldn;t worry we all are guilty of that for sur ;DDD

      • My shorts are just boring too. I will have to find some of these ones! Really? I just ask him a wee while in advance. He likes computers so this year his birthday and Christmas present is a laptop (his birthday was just last week so I combined it all as one present to do both occassions). Sometimes he will say he doesn’t know so I just have to try to find something. It’s hard when that happens.

      • There are all kinds of lace shorts like this ebay, pretty cheap too! Ah that’s awesome, what a great gift! It’s so cool Christmas and his bday are so close! Yeaaah I hate when he doesn;t tell me what I want! Same goes for my dad and brother, so difficult xD

      • I know, men are hard to buy for. Yea, it’s handy. The great thing is, his birthday is only 3 days before mine so we can just share our birthdays e.g. have our friends round for both our bithdays at once. ^.^

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