Xmas Decorations!

Hello everyone!
Feeling in the Christmas mood yet? No? Let me fix that!
Me and my mum spent the weekend decorating the house for Christmas. We didn’t put too many up this year since we will be going to another family members house for Christmas day. Our kitchen flooded recently, the floor had to be ripped up and we have big dehumidifiers in there! It won’t be fixed for Christmas so my Auntie was kind enough to invite us to her house for xmas dinner!

luckycatI got this lucky cat decoration from paperchase a couple years ago! It’s soo retro and cute! I got my bf to show me how to take pictures where the lights were all blurry in the background, looks pretty cool huh?

robinsCute robins! Hmm I need to wrap the presents soon so I can put them under the tree!

bobbleHave you guys finished your shopping yet? Sadly right now there are riots in Belfast, making it difficult to get to the shopping area! The Christmas market even had to get closed down! T_T

snowmenAww these snow men are cute! I really wish it would snow this year!

pineconesI really love this basket! Usually my kitty likes to attack the tree decorations, he did have a little mess about when we first put it up but since then he has shown no interest…must be maturing. xD!

Have you guys decorated yet? I’d love to see!
Like I said we don’t have so many decorations this year since we can’t really invite people over because of the kitchen. We still need to put up some lights outside the house, outdoor lights look so lovely in the snow!


14 responses to “Xmas Decorations!

  1. I was able to go to the market last thursday…not many people were there though. I finished my shopping that day too ^.^ I spent all morning wrapping presents. I’m gonna make a post to show some of the presents I bought (not all of them though because my sisters/friends might read it and see what they got) I’m waiting for the lights to be turned on our tree to take a photo.. It looks a lot better when it’s lit up. I’ve no idea how to take a photo where the lights are blurred though =S

    • Ahh your lucky, I was in belfast a couple times in the past few weeks but didn’t go into the market! Now I really regret it, I wanted go in and get yummy pancakes! XD
      So true trees looks so beautiful when they are lit up! Hahah oh gosh I have no idea how to do it either, he was messing around with all kinds of options and lenses I just sat there being oblivious xD

      • I didn’t get anything when I was in the market. It was pouring down which sucked.
        Haha, I don’t even have a camera I could mess about with. I have to rely on my blackberrys camera (which sucks btw).

  2. I love your ornaments! my cat is the same way, this year she has only shown interest in the tree the first night it went up… haha must be a universal cat thing this year!


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