Hyatt Beauty Mascara Review

Hello everyone! Uniqso have sent me a Christmas package containing some lovely products! Keep an eye out for my upcoming reviews of all of them! Everything I write in this review is 100% my own opinion.
They sent me the Hyatt Beauty Lash Queen Mascara, which before now I have never heard of! Silly me~

HyattBeauty01You can buy this Mascara at Uniqso for $9.90 which in my opinion is very reasonable! This mascara is in the color black and is also waterproof. Since it is waterproof I found this mascara took a little more effort to remove, but it also meant there was next to no smudging throughout the day!

HyattBeaty02I was pleasantly surprised by the bottle after I opened the box! Shiny,smooth and eye-catching leopard print – love it! I’m not the kind of person to be overly fond of leopard print, but I like it when it used in the right situation.

HyattBeauty03I like how the bottle catches a lot of the formula on the brush as you pull it out, this prevents you from getting too much formula on your brush at one time. The formula is pretty thin so it coats my lashes nicely without creating clumps, but it does mean you should top up the brush a few times for best results.

eyemascaraThis mascara gives really nice length and curl,and I find it perfect for both my top and bottom lashes. I do believe if your looking for something that will separate your lashes and provide length then this would be a great choice especially considering the price. If your looking for something more volumizing then I don’t think you will get the results you want with this.

The light nature of the formula makes this mascara perfect for with teaming false lashes! Thick mascaras can coat the false lash too heavily and end up ruining them, but this mascara will allow you to blend your natural lashes with the false ones very well.
(Click here to view the mascara at Uniqso)

Overall score: 8/10

  •     Light waterproof formula
  •     Very reasonable price
  •     Lovely bottle
  •     Lengthening / not volumizing
  •     Great to team with false lashes

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