Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink LipTint Review

Happy Holidays everyone! Christmas is only 2 sleeps away!
I hope you are all ready! ;D
I thought I should get another post in before Christmas, and I remembered I had the Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink LipTint still to review! You can get this lip tint in 3 different colors, mine is in Cherry red. 😀
PC234364Yay! Another cat themed bottle! When I bought this I actually didn’t know about the bottle design so it was a nice surprise. I bought this to do the cute Korean Ulzzang look (It looks kind of like Ball Jointed Doll lips), and because it was super duper cheap! I got this on ebay for just $6!

pictintYou apply the tint on with the same kind of wand you would get in a lip-gloss. The formula is quite watery,so it can tend to drip a little when your first open the bottle. The tint doesn’t seem to have any kind of smell to it which is quite disappointing, I like to have faint sweet smells for my lip products! This is good for those sensitive to smells though! ^-^

pictint03This stuff is RED! The color is so vibrant! Personally I don’t like an all over red lip, I like it on other girls, but on me it just doesn’t seem to work. T-T
I use the tint on the inside of my lips and blend to create that BJD look, but it has to be blended very quickly as the formula dries fast. Lastability wise this stuff is great, it should keep its bright color all day regardless of how much you eat or drink!
P.S I have so many lovely make-up products coming to me this Christmas (courtesy of my lovely bf! xD) so keep an eye out for reviews for them coming soon! So many Dolly Winks *-*
I wanted to do a “Christmas Haul” video but i’m a little nervous in front of the camera,especially when speaking! My voice is so high and quiet. eww. >.<

Overall score: 7/10

  •     Very cute bottle
  •     Watery formula
  •     Very reasonably prices
  •     No scent
  •     Great lastability

11 responses to “Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink LipTint Review

  1. Its a cute bottle, I’m also fan of lip gloss that has a scent. Makes your day better some how. Well if you make a vid I’ll watch it…maybe….kidding \(^▽^*)

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