Christmas Haul

OhMiGosh!! I had the most amazing Christmas ever!
I had a great time having Christmas Dinner at my Aunties house, she even made a nut roast for us from scratch! I usually don’t like Nut Roast and only eat it cause it’s Christmas, but it was sooo good! >3<
I got some amazing presents too! Seriosuly I got wayyy too much,but i’m so grateful for every single one!
I will try and make a video this weekend and show you guys everything I got, but for now I wanna show you some of my favourite. ^-^
I hope you all had a great Christmas too!

01. Room Bag
01Isn’t this room bag beautiful? My Gran actually MADE this for me! It is so amazing, and so well made, not a thread out of place! I want her to teach me to make things like this lol! This is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. ^-^

02. Dolly Winks

02Dolly Wink! Lots of Dolly Wink! I wore the sweet cat lashes on Christmas day! The other items I am yet to try but i’m really looking forward to it. :3

03. Microdermabrasion facials

03My Auntie owns a beauty clinic called Chic! I went to her about a month ago to show her my acne scars to see if she had any treatments that would help. I tried to book appointments with her but she never replied which I though was strange! On Christmas day she gave me this voucher worth x10 microdermabrasion treatments!!! Normally priced at £375!!! Can you believe it?! I couldn’t be more happy! >.<

04. Kyary Lashes


Yaaay these are sooo cute! Can’t wait to review them!

05. Ciate Caviar nails

05I wore this nail polish on Christmas day and decorated a couple of nails with the beads! I love this stuff, the colors remind of cupcakes and ice cream. *3*

06. Kimmidoll make-up bag

I love Kimmidoll stuff! Though it can be hard to find Kimmidoll around here, the few shops that sold them near me closed down! T-T
Anyway my mum bought me this as a little stocking filler! I needed a new make-up bag too, the one I’m using right now is so boring! 😛

07. Skinfood


Yay I finally got some SkinFood products! Here I have the Platinum Grape Call Emulsion and Toner. I also have the Black Raspberry serum..but I don’t like that one so much, purely for the fact that it stinks!! The smell doesn’t last long though which is good. xD

08. Thomas Sabo Lucky Cat charm

08Though I choose my own gifts from my boyfriend, he wanted to get me a secret one. He couldn’t think of anything so I said he could pick me a charm for my bracelet! I looked on the Thomas Sabo website and listed some ones I liked, I saw the lucky cat one and was like “oh no not that one too expensive!” and picked made a list of some cheaper ones I liked, of course my boyfriend being my boyfriend surprised me with the Lucky Cat. He’s too good to me! xD!

Christmas FOTD.

Christmas FOTD.

Soo as you can see I have been spoilt completely rotten with some amazing gifts this year! I hope you guys got some awesome pressies too! I’ll be sure to review these products asap!

25 responses to “Christmas Haul

  1. I’m a bit late catching up, those are lovely gifts! Belated Happy Christmas. I think the bag your Gran made is lovely, what a talented lady she is, it’s adorable. 🙂

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