Little life updates

Hey guys 🙂
Today I thought I would just blog about what has been going on with me and how I began my new year!
I haven’t been able to blog as much as I would like since Christmas, just little things have been keeping me busy.


I guess I’ll start by talking about what happened with my pet cat. If you follow me on Twitter or Liked my page on facebook then you may already know what happened. Basically I let my cat out before I went to bed at about 1am Thursday morning. Thursday around lunch time I realized I haven’t seen him yet, and asked my parents if they had, they hadn’t seen him either.I know for many cats it would be pretty normal to stay away this long but Bruno usually comes home in the morning, so we went around the street looking for him and found nothing.The day went on and he didn’t come back, I knew it wasn’t normal for him and became really distraught. I thought maybe someone horrible caught him and killed him for fun (idk why I just don’t trust people), or a fox got him or someone ran over him and threw him in a trash can or something! I couldn’t sleep, neither could my mum was up at 4am looking in peoples gardens(lol)!

He showed up Saturday at about 1:30pm but he was badly hurt! The vet said he was probably hit by a car, every time he moved he meowed in pain! 😦

Bruno sleeping in his makeshift hospital!

Bruno sleeping in his makeshift hospital!

He had x-rays and lots of painkillers and thankfully no bones seem to be broken, but he was obviously very hurt.  We were worried he would need surgery, and he may still need it if he can’t go to the toilet. He has to stay in a confined space to make sure he doesn’t try to move so much, right now he isn’t crying in pain anymore which is good! He still can’t move much so he is just sleeping a lot, we bring his food and water to him and he has been eating /drinking! He may need to go back to the vet tomorrow if he doesn’t pee! He did it today while we were in the vet reception but was crying as he did it, so hopefully he can do it soon without pain. 😦
My poor poor kitty Q_Q
UPDATE EDIT: Bruno did go to the toilet last night, and keeps trying to jump out of the area we put him in! It’s a good sign and he seems to be recovering well! Still we have to try and keep him in there so he doesn’t move around too much. 🙂

Anyway some more cheerful notes!


I got a full length mirror! Yay! Okay your probably thinking “err cool why are you telling us this?”LOL!

I decided to get the full length mirror so I could take OOTD photos! I plan on posting them on Twitter and my facebook page, but maybe when I have enough I will compile some favorites in a blog post! I needed a new mirror badly too, my current one is on the same wall as my chest of drawers and its too far away for my crappy eyes to see!! Dammit eyes!
I also got a display case for my figures and some pictures to hang up, a bit of room redecorating!

I have also enrolled in a Japanese course! It is simply a beginners course to teach you the basics, but me and my boyfriend thought it would be great to do before we go to Japan! My boyfriend has already studied Japanese so this will refresh his memory,and will hopefully prevent me from embarrassing myself too much when I get there! It starts at the end of the month, granted they get enough students!

sewing11Sewing classes! Well …. not really. When my Gran made me the awesome bag for Christmas I asked her to teach me how to sew, she used to be a teacher too! I’m really excited to learn how to sew, it seem like such an amazing skill to have! And it will be nice to spend time with my Gran! ^^

Pound-Coins-4Super saving! I was going to do the 100 day challenge which involved buying no unnecessary products! I know I would fail HARD! So I decided to make it more attainable for me, and decided to take on this challenge but only for this month. It will be very hard but I have to save as much money as I can so I can take lots to Japan! Even after this month I will have to keep saving but maybe will allow myself a treat or two. ;D
I got lot of lovely products at Christmas that I can review here so it should be no problem for my blog. ^_^
Wish me luck!!! I really need a haircut….does haircut come under unnecessary products…?? X-X!

For those waiting for the False Eyelash tutorial it will be up next!
And sorry for blabbing on a bit,I just miss blogging! I wanna get lots of reviews done soon!

28 responses to “Little life updates

  1. I read one of your other posts about you being a vegetarian, but I wasn’t sure if you went yet. I am a vegan and I had no problem dining in Japan. I ate a lot of rice! Just be careful with soups. They put fish in everything! And printing out diet sheets. I find telling people I am allergic to items works better than telling them I am choosing not to eat something. Some people do not understand or do not want to. But I had almost no problem. Also, if you are in Tokyo wear a wedding ring and stay safe.

    • Thank you Kumacchi! Since posting many vegan/veggie people have shared their experiance so i am feeling much more confidant and relaxed about keeping up my diet when I get to Japan!
      Hmm well i’mnot married but I will be with my boyfriend,is it best to wear a fake one??? :O!

      • My friends and I got asked if we were prostitutes and I’ve been told wedding rings repel the creepy Japanese business men. Another friend of mine went (tokyo) and was told to wear one or just make sure your boyfriend is near.

    • He has really been trying to move about this morning! We have to keep him in his small area but he keeps trying to jump out, it’s a very good sign though! \^-^/

  2. Aww noo!! Poor Bruno… (TOT) Hope it gets better soon.

    And ganbatte with learning Japanese(≥vO) & the 100 Days Challenge <– I like this idea

    • Me too! He is showing signs of doing much better today! :D!
      Thank you thank you! I hope it isn’t too difficult for me xD!
      I really like the idea too, but already I see things I wanna buy online! Must stop online shopping! Keep telling myself I don’t need it. xD!!

      • That’s great to hear! (\^O^/)

        I’m sure you’ll do great! If you need any help with practice, I’ll be happy to help with the basics (,≥vOv)

        LOLOL. I know rite. Ganbatte~!!

  3. Aww I am glad Bruno is feeling better! And I too remember my joy at getting a full length mirror a few years ago (I had always moved too much to aquire one but I now love having one in my bathroom!). But the weirdest bit about me coming accross your blog…. I too am an animal loving veggie from… wait for it…. BANGOR! I’m not currently living there but my family still do 🙂 Gotta love a bit of the Costa Del Bangor!

    • Thansk dear! He is being verrry cheeky today,keeps getting up and moving when we need him to stay still and rest! xD
      Haha I know right? Getting a full length mirror for the first time is so exciting!! lol
      Oh wow yay a fellow Bangorian lol, we have so much in common it seems. Ahh Bangor can be so sad these days, everything is closing down it is such a shame.:(

  4. I hope your cat will be ok. I had the same thing happen to my cat. He came back to the house badly hurt, probably hit by a car. But he made a full recovery and went on to live another 10 years.

    Good luck with the sewing and Japanese classes!

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