Ciate Caviar Manicure Review

Hello ladies!
Today’s post is going to be a review (and kind of a tutorial) of the Ciate Caviar Manicure set! I got this set from eBay for about £20 since I’m not really sure if it is available in the UK, let alone Northern Ireland. I went for the Pink Milkshake nail polish and the Rainbow caviar beads, cuteee.~


I really love the name of the nail polish “Pink Milkshake”, it makes me feel thirsty. The bottles quite cute and I love the bow, it’s a really sweet touch. You should get enough product in both bottles to last you a good while. I’m someone who is really lazy when it comes to doing my nails. They are so tiny which makes me feel like I can’t do the amazing designs that other people have. This is why I really like the Ciate kit – it looks really special AND it’s easy enough for even someone like me to get great results.

ciate04The nail polish only needs one coat which is just awesome, but of course you can still add another if you wish. My nail above is showing the results after just one coat! It dries reasonably fast too, which is super important to me because I find it hard keeping my hands still for any real length of time. xD

ciate05You don’t have to, but I like to apply a top coat over the pink nail polish to stick the caviar beads too. You can just use the pink nail polish to stick the beads with but I find using top coat makes them last a little longer, and will also help to prevent the nail polish chipping.

ciate06Sprinkle~ Sprinkle~! Now it’s the fun part! The bottles come in a little box with a plastic tray, place your finger into the tray and sprinkle the beads over. The tray will catch the spare beads for you to put them back into the bottle. Once you are happy with the amount of beads on your nail, gently press them onto the nail for extra security. Let them set and your done!


Doesn’t this picture look cool?My boyfriend took it while I was poring the beads back into the bottle! The Ciate kit also provides a little funnel for you to use! I wouldn’t recommend putting the caviar beads on every nail, I did this once and it was pretty uncomfortable and didn’t look so good. It is much nicer with just one or two nails on each hand!

Overall score: 8/10

  •     Can be expensive
  •     Available in a range of colors
  •     Great quality nail polish
  •     Very easy to apply
  •     Funnel included



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