What I want in my bag for 2013

Hello guys! Today I am going to taking part in the GIG Spotlight event! This weeks tag is “What I want in my bag for 2013” perfect for beauty and fashion bloggers! However the both the group and tag is open to all kinds of blogs.


I want to pick up a cute LizLisa bag when i’m in Japan, i’m not sure if this one will be there but I think it’s really sweet! Anyway lets move on to my top 5 products!


01. Kimmidoll Coin purse – Currently, I have a bunch of coins floating about at the bottom of my purse! I know I’m soooo messy. I have a purse which holds paper money & cards find but the coins just seem to find their way out every time, plus Kimmidoll is adorable! >3<

02. Travel Perfume Bottle – These things look super nifty! With these you can simply pump some of your favorite perfume from it’s own bottle into this one so you can take it anywhere. I would love to have one of these so that I could top up at any time! *-*

03. Ice-cream earphones – Droooooool~ Too. Much.Kawaii! I don’t even listen to music that much … but if I had these I would! I have a little ipod nano and an iphone that I could use with these when i’m on the train or bus or feeling anti-social. xD

04. OCC Lip Tar – I’ve had my eye on these lip tars for a while, they come in so many colors and they look amazing! I can’t decide which color I want, its hard to choose which one but the one above is “Palest Peach”.

05. Carmex – I love a little carmex, it feels so nice and soothing on my lips.I get dry cracked lips really easily especially when I’m outside so a little tub of this would be my life saver!

Hope you guys enjoyed my list! If you want to join in visit the GIG Spotlight page for rules & info.<3~


8 responses to “What I want in my bag for 2013

  1. Just got myself 2 tubes of OCC Lip Tars. I will let you know how they are when I get them. Assuming you haven’t picked one up for yourself yet!

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