Skinfood Platinum Grape Cell Toner & Emulsion Review

Hello everyone! Hope you are all well!
Today I am going to review some of the Skinfood products I got for Christmas, the Platinum Grape Cell Toner and the Emulsion! These are the first Skinfood products I have ever tried, I got them from eBay for about $30 each.

I didn’t buy the full set of Platinum Grape Cell products as there as it would be just too expensive. The range is actually very large and includes serum, cream, essence,masks and even bb cream! I really like the packaging for these products, they look like little wine bottles! I guess this is because the main ingredient is grapes!
Skinfood Claims:
“A premium anti-aging emulsion containing grape cells and platinum particles that brighten and firm aging skin from the inside out.”

skinfood03The toner has a nice soothing feeling when applied to the face, and I find it soaks into the skin fairly quick.  If you look into the bottle you can actually see the platinum particles which are used for their antioxidant effect. The formula does have a slight thicker consistency than other toners I have used before, and for that reason I simply use my palms to apply the toner rather than a cotton pad. There is also a very faint scent to the toner, you can’t really smell it at all after applying it to your face, but I know there are many people who prefer their face products to be 100% fragrance free.


Unlike the toner the emulsion is in a opaque bottle and doesn’t seem to contain any visible platinum particles. The formula has a pretty thick consistency, and feels a little sticky. The sticky feeling is pretty unpleasant but after applying to the face it seems to fade away. The emulsion also has a pretty faint scent to it as well. I find that the emulsion will make my skin feel nicely moisturized, however it doesn’t seem to keep my skin moisturized for very long. If like me you have pretty dry skin then I doubt this will be strong enough to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day. I feel that I will find this emulsion more useful during the warmer months when my skin is a little more oily.

Overall score: 6/10

  •     Pretty expensive
  •     Unique bottle design
  •     Light fragrance
  •     Wide range of products


18 responses to “Skinfood Platinum Grape Cell Toner & Emulsion Review

  1. May I know if the bottle is a glass bottle or a plastic one? Is it okay for oily skin? 😀 I want to try but the price is somehow too expensive 😦 I had fun reading your blog anyway ^o^

    • The bottles are glass which is pretty cool! They are nice & heavy lol!
      Yes I think these would be great for oily skin! Since it is winter here my skin is quite dry atm and these don’t moisturise as much as I need, but when summer comes around and my face is more oily I think they will be great!
      I agree the price is a bit too much >3<

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