Decoden Haul

Hi guys!
Recently I bought some decoden supplies to decorate some phone cases.
I made a haul video of all the items I bought, I’m not just waiting on my glue gun to arrive so I can start!

I bought everything on eBay, the links to the shops are in the description box of the video!
I did talk at the start video originally….but I just hate how high and childish my voice is! I was also feeling kind of shy which made it worse, so I cut it out. You can hear how icky it is at the end of the video boo! haahaha! Anyway enjoy the decoden charms!

11 responses to “Decoden Haul

  1. i think i just dyed of cuteness over load awwwww my we sophs HeHe them charms looked good enough to eat …. then i’m gona eat you RUNNNNN LOL. da beats to ❤ =^O^/= ❤

  2. OMG you’re voice is so cute >u< do you have a high pitched voice when you speak? 😀 I have a low pitched voice and I wish I have a higher one so I don't sound like a male on phone calls LOL

    Anyway, the decodens are so cute! ^^ What I hate from decoden is you can't just buy 1 because everything is so cute TAT can you show us your decorated phone? 🙂

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