Wishlist 04

Hi guys! I’m back with another wishlist!!
I recently got a new job which is awesome! But I tend to get called in a lot and it leaves me with not much time to blog which makes me sad! >3<
However with a new job comes…money! So I decided to do another wishlist, most of the money is being saved up for my trip to Japan though!

01. Cosplay

whichcosplayWhat I want to do most right now is cosplay again! Me and CupcakeSakura (I’m sure a few of you know her blog!) have made plans to go to an anime convention this summer. I didn’t cosplay last year which I ended up regretting, so this year I am going to do it for sure! I have narrowed it down to two choices: Oichi (Left) and Serah(right). Let me know which character you think I should do!

02. Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Coloring

SweetRecipeCupcakeAllOverColorThis is a product from the Etude House new collection “Sweet Recipe”. It is an al over coloring cream which can be used for eyes, cheeks or lips! I really love the color of the peach one, and would love it for a cheek and lip color. *-*

03. Etude House Sweet Recipe Chocolate Highlighter
chocolatehighlighterI don’t really need a new highlighter….but just look at it!! I could just eat it. It’s far too cute to pass up, so I’m gonna try and use up my current highlighter as fast as possible hehehe. >:3

04. Etude House Sweet Recipe Mint Choux Base

BabyChouxBaseOkay this is the last Etude House product I swear! Another product from the sweet recipe range, the package of this one is a little lack luster compared to the rest. Still, this one is actually something I need, it is a primer/base for your foundation and comes in 3 shades for different skin tones. I want the Minx Choux(green) cream to cancel out redness in my face.

05. Decoden whipped cream

I already have some decoden cream, but it comes in a rather hard plastic bottle, which makes it very difficult to pipe. It’s too hard for my weak arms, so I would like to buy some cream in soft piping bags like shown above. The problem is I can’t find any white… :/
Also when you are done with these, is there a way to seal them up so they don’t harden??

06. Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires


Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires comes out this month!! I pre-order EVERY Dynasty Warriors game that comes out, and I have been looking forward to this one for sooooooo long! I’m thinking of asking my bf to pre-order me this as my v-day gift. ❤

07. Atelier Ayesha

Atelier Ayesha is another game coming out soon, but it comes out near the beginning of March. I love the Atelier games and this one looks just as fantastic as the previous ones! Ayesha looks soo cute doesn’t she?

08. Diamond V Mask

Ok I know this looks like a huge gimmick, and a really silly one at that! I thought so too, until I heard Bubz(BubzBeauty) recommend it, not to mention Xiaxue! I do facial massage almost everyday to try and achieve a more V-shape face, but I think this may just give my face that little extra something! It’s pretty expensive though…

09. Pink Playstation Controller
One of my Playstation controllers has been missing for months now, I’ve pretty much given up on finding it! I thought it would be a great excuse to go ahead and buy a pink one, but it’s so expensive! Why are Playstation controllers so expensive?? Sign i’ll just have to settle for a boring black one…..maybe second hand….sigh 😦

Hmm that’s all I can think of for now! I do really want lots of Liz Lisa items but I think I will put them in a “Japan Wishlist” just before I leave! Anyway I’m feeling a little stumped lately, sooo I would really appreciate if you guys could comment below and let me know what kind of posts you would like to see next! And don’t be afraid to suggest something I have never done before!

Thanks so much for reading ❤

20 responses to “Wishlist 04

    • I think so too,I am leaning more and more towards her. I will be buying the costume, it is quite a bit more expensive than Serahs but I think it will be worth it ^-^

  1. The Oichi costume would be a real project, and likely to draw a lot of attention. But at the same time, I think you’d be perfect as Serah! You already look so much like her. If you could find a good Moogle doll and a convincing Snow, I think the pictures would go viral.

    • I found a nice website that makes a lovely Oichi costume so I was going to buy that one if I go for her, it is pretty expensive but hey it’s worth the money if the quality is good. xD
      Ahh thank you! That is really quite a complement! I don’t think I know anyone who could be Snow….but carrying around a cute Mog sounds fun haha! Maybe if I do Oichi at the con I can still get a Serah Cosplay for fun!

  2. i love etude too! It’s my favorite cosmetic products. i’ve bought the sweet recipe mint choux base & candy stick 🙂

    • I have bought the mint choux base too! I’m just waiting forit to arrive in the post haha! I also got the peach all over cream! Can’t wait to try them out 😀

  3. oohhh i’m excited to see you either as Oichi or Serah ^^ I like Oichi’s costume but somehow Serah’s bow really caught my eyes~
    Ah I want the pink controllers too but I only have a PS2 😦
    for the decoden cream, are they air dry cream? if so, maybe you can try sealing it with a tape or using a plastic wrap?

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