Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines day my loves!
Did you do anything to celebrate?
Today me and my boyfriend went to Wagamama (as we usually do! lol!) and had some yummy food! We did a little window shopping about the shops too, but we are both a little short on cash so we didn’t buy anything! I saw some things I really wanted too! Be strong Sophie~ T-T


  • Bow – eBay
  • Cardigan – Closet of Mum lol (Marks and Spencer)
  • Skirt – YesStyle
  • Socks – eBay
  • Shoes – LizLisa

Here are the cards we got for each other hehe! I really like the one I got for him, it’s got kawaii toast! “Miffy” is the nickname I gave to him years ago, and since then his friends and even his family call him it. ^o^
For my present, Miffy is going to pre-order Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires for me! Advantages of a gamer girlfriend? xD

vday05Green Tee is free at Wagamama! I always get Green tea instead of Cola because it can be soooo expensive andΒ  it’s just not worth it! Green tea is better for you anyway. ^_~
vday01See? I’m happy with my wee Green tea haha! I try to drink as much of it as I can, because the meal I get is full of fat! Worth it!~

vday03Yasai Katsu Curry, which is just vegetable curry! This meal has almost 100% of your daily recommended fat! It’s crazy, but it tastes sooo damn good! I guess for the rest of the night I will only eat very little, but I’m sooo full anyway! My favorite part is the deep fried sweet potatoes. *-*

cday02My boyfriend got the Ginger Chicken Udon Noodles! I’m not really sure what it tastes like myself of course…but It sure looks good! Nice and colorful! My boyfriend didn’t want a gift for Valentines day, so I wanted to at least pay for the meal. ^-^


And the train ride home! I figured we should take a picture together for a Valentines day post! On the ride home many teenagers were getting on to come home from school, and there was one kid making very loud, offensive (and not even funny) jokes, was very annoying! >.<

Anyway i’m sorry if this post is really boring…. T-T
But don’t forget to tell me how you guys spent the day!

I want to wish a very Happy Valentines day to all of my followers. ❀

39 responses to “Happy Valentines Day!

  1. Omg you look soo cute Sophie! You are like a living doll! The cards are very cute ^_^ I didn’t do anything extraordinary today, but got to visit my husbands parents which which wedding anniversary is today! Could you believed! Imagine getting married on valentines day! Hehehe ….so sorry about the guy in the bus…it’s so annoying isn’t … Sometimes I find very rude people on the underground in London as well 😦 anyways! Love your post! They are always so entertaining! Big hugs and happy valentines day! ❀

    • Aw thank you somuch Liss <3!
      Wow really? That is so so sweet, getting married on Valentines day! How romantic. xD!
      Haha yes it is very very annoying! Although its not as bad as the time a young couple sat behind us and sucked the faces off eachother the whole way….all we could hear was their lips smacking constantly for 45min…sounded messy. o.e;;;;;
      Happy Valentines day!! ❀

  2. aww not boring at all I love it ❀ you look so pretty and kawaii!! omg i looove those Liz Lisa shoes they are my favorite Happy valentines to you both πŸ™‚

  3. omg! u look so adorable!! i wanna buy a bow like that but i cant find it 😦 under which name should i search it on ebay or amazon?? thank you! πŸ˜€

  4. this might be a silly thing to ask here, but i was wondering, do you naturally have blonde hair?
    I love your hair and outfit, especially the shoes and socks! ^^ do you mind if i ask you where you buy the lacey white shirt under your cardigan? it looks so sweet ❀

    • Yes I have naturally blonde hair, but as I get older the blonde keeps getting darker so I do dye my hair a lighter blonde πŸ™‚
      Thanks so much! I got the lacey shirt from the UK shop “Exhibit”, but i don’t think they have an online store. 😦

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