Dip Mou Review – E2046

Hello again!
I haven’t done any kind of figure review for a long time, so I thought it was about time I got my ass in gear and did another one! Today I am going to show you my “Dip Mou” figure from E2046/Gathering.

dip01Dip Mou is part a figure by the ORI team at E2046 who design and create their own figures. E2046 sell all kinds of figures, but you can only buy figures from their own series directly from them.

  • Height – 32.50cm
  • Weight – 1.76kg
  • Scale – 1/6

dip06Dip Mou can be found listed under the “Elegance” ORI series, the elegance series is full of beautiful figures inspired by Asian themes. Dip Mou can be found for about £90.00, but she is currently pre-order only.
Her pose is beautiful, her clothes are beautiful, her jewelry is beautiful! She is just stunning as a whole, and she is pink which is an added bonus for me! *3*
dip02The detail in this figure is some of the best I have ever seen, from head to toe she is perfect.  The figure arrives in pieces and does require you to assemble her, however I found the assembly to be easy enough despite the figure being very delicate.

dip03The instrument she carries is also perfect in detail, real strings are used to give a realistic effect.

dip04If you haven’t noticed already, a piece of hair from my Dip Mou is missing. My mum was cleaning, moved the figure and didn’t notice the piece dropped and we were never able to find it. I e-mailed E2046 a few times but to be honest they don’t seem interested in providing me with a replacement piece despite me offering to pay. Honestly I find this to be pretty poor customer service, mostly because of how dismissive they were. Saying that I don’t think E2046 are a bad company at all, it was my own fault after all, still I would have really really appreciated a replacement piece. :/

dip05I truly can’t find fault with this figure, she is pretty much perfect in every way. She would be an amazing addition to any figure collection, I personally believe her price to be very reasonable when you take into consideration her size and quality.


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