ETUDE HOUSE: Sweet Recipe All Over Cream Review

Hi ladies!
I recently bought a couple of items from the new Sweet Recipe series by Etude House! These products are super adorable, I just could not resist! Today I am going to review the all over cream in the shade “Peach Sugar Cake”. I bought mine on eBay for about $9.00, not including p&p. Let’s get started!~
02The all over cream is designed to be used as a lip color, blush and cream eyeshadow, and there are a total of 5 shades available from Etude House. The cream comes in a cute little container designed to look like one of cute boxes you get from the bakery! I think it is a really nice idea!

03The packaging is made to look like a cute little cupcake! To be honest I don’t really like products in a tub like this, it means you have to keep dipping your fingers into it which spreads germs. :/

04From Etude Houses promotional pictures,I thought the cream would be a lot softer. The cream is actually quite hard, however it is still highly pigmented. When applying to my eyes and cheeks I wanted to apply quite a few layers to let the color show as much as possible, it lasts quite well on both areas. The cream does tend to gather in the crease of your eye, so it may need to be reapplied from time to time. For the lips the color shows up very well, however it doesn’t seem to last long.


This stuff has a lovely peach smell too! I love it! It smells soooo good! I can’t smell it all after applying it to my lips or cheeks, but you can smell it really well directly from the tub.

(yuck no circle lens -_-)
Overall score: 7/10

  • Cute package
  • Tub container
  • 5 different shades available
  • Cheap price

26 responses to “ETUDE HOUSE: Sweet Recipe All Over Cream Review

  1. ohhhhh you really bought this! and you get your stuff faster than me LOL the colour looks so pretty ^^ does it make your lips dry?
    and you still look amazing without circle lens! in fact, i love your eye colour *o*

  2. hi, found your blog via GIG! Love seeing more and more Gaijin Gyarus (as i am one as well, i’m from Indonesia :D) especially Caucasians! Love your blog, so cute!

  3. packaging is adorable. i realized u’re really are a huge fan of etude house, eh?

    oh, and i think u still look pretty kawaii without circle lenses(β‰₯vO)

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