ETUDE HOUSE: Baby Choux Base Review (Mint)

Hello again! I’m back with another review from the new Etude House series, the “Baby Choux Base” in Mint Choux (green)!
I have been pretty excited about this product, my skin has red undertones and this is especially present in my face. I have tried green make-up bases before, but they didn’t work very well for me. I wanted to try the base by Etude House because of its creamy texture, I bought mine from eBay for $13.99.

03The box it comes in is very cute! It is decorated with sweet cream puffs, which complement the theme of the product perfectly.

04I’m probably being a little picky, but compared to the packaging from the other products in the Sweet Recipe series, this one is quite boring! I mean…there’s nothing wrong with it I guess, but it’s nothing special either. I don’t really like my products in tubs like this since it requires you to keep dipping your fingers in which feels very unhygienic.

05The texture is very light and creamy,just as you would expect from a creampuff! The texture is perfect for putting under make-up as it blends well while still keeping its color. It lightly sits on the skin rather than sink into it, which in this case is a good thing!(Just be sure to not apply too much)

06Performance wise, I am in love with this stuff! I have never found a green base that has worked so well for me, many that I have tried before would gather up in lumps as a put on my BB cream or foundation, not a good look! As long as you use a very light hand to apply your BB cream/foundation, this base will sit in place. The color correction is the best I have come across, after applying this I appear to have no redness on my face at all, giving me a pale porcelain-like complexion!


The Baby Choux Base has a total of 3 colors available, so if you do not have a reddish skintone, you can also buy color correction for a pale or yellowish skintone, just make sure you buy the correct for to avoid a make-up disaster! x_x

Overall score: 8/10

  •     A little pricey
  •     Great color correction
  •     Light fluffy texture
  •     Good amount of product
  •     Available in 3 shades

22 responses to “ETUDE HOUSE: Baby Choux Base Review (Mint)

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  2. Thank you for reviewing this base, I’m always on the lookout for a good colour corrector and I think I’ll have to try this one out. 🙂

    I agree it’s a pity that the pot looks a bit dull compared to the other Etude packaging, but that won’t put me off!

    • No problem, I hope you found it useful! If you do, I hope youlike it as much as I do! ^_^
      Haha yeah since Etude packaging is always so stunning! Still the atleast product inside is goods! :3

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