Japan To Do List

Hi everyone!
So in just over 6 weeks, I will be fulfilling my dream of going to Japan! I cat believe it’s real, and so close! The past few days I have been thinking about it non-stop which has worked me up into a state of constant excitement! I thought a great way to chill myself out and also organizing myself a little, would be to make a little post about the things that I really want to experience while in Japan!

01. Tokyo Disney Land
Most people from the U.K will go to Disney Land in Paris or Disney World in Florida, but when I was younger my parents could never afford to take me. Like most little girls I loved all things Disney especially the Princesses! I thought since I am going to a city with a Disney Land, why not fulfill another life-long dream of mine while I am there?! I don’t really like big or fast rides….but I know I will love the atmosphere, and safe-looking rides hehe.

02.Cat Cafe
The hotel I am staying at is only about 15min walk away from a cat cafe! Me and my boyfriend both adore cats, and it was actually his idea to go to one! We even looked at the website for the cat cafe, and got to look at some of the cats profiles! They look so adorable, I think it will be sooo fun! My mum will be so jealous! >o<

03. Sanrio Puroland
I saw Sanrio Puroland on some of the gyaru blogs that I follow, and it just look like kawaii heaven! A whole theme park deadicated to Hello Kitty, what else could a girl ask for?! They have some exclusive Hello Kitty merch there too, I even saw some cute Hello Kitty shaped donuts! Ahhhh~~ *_*

04. Shopping
Shopping is what I am looking forward to the most, i’m trying to save as much money as I can with the time that I have left so that I can just go wild! I want to shop in Akihabara, Shinjuku, Shibuya and ofcourse Harajuku! Sounds expensive right? I love watching tours of the shops on youtube, it just gets me sooo excited as I can never find any kawaii clothes at home! Here are some store I want to visit the most:

  • Liz Lisa
  • Rose bullet
  • Jesus Diamante
  • Honey Bunch
  • Angelic Pretty
  • Ank Rouge
  • Peach John

05. Studio Ghibli Museum
Like most anime  fans I am a big fan of the Studio Ghibli movies! I’m not really sure what to expect inside the museum, since people arn’t allowed to take photos inside it’s kind of hard to get a picture of what it is like! Still, i’m sure it will be amazing!

06.Asakusa Kannon Temple
I really want to take a day to visit a nice temple, but I was unsure of which one to visit! My boyfriend recommended this one as he went here on his last trip to Japan, it looks really bright and colorful! But it looks like it is very busy too. xD

07. Night Life
I’m not really a party girl, I don’t really like clubs very much, but I do still like to have a drink now and then! I would really like to go out and experience Tokyo Night life even just once, just to feel the atmosphere and take it all in! I couldn’t go all the way to Tokyo and not atleast try it. ^-^

These days the only thing i’m worried about is communicating without knowing Japanese very well…and the long flight. Oh the long, long flight. @_@

37 responses to “Japan To Do List

  1. Oh wow, you’re going to love it. Good selection of things to do and see. Loved the Ghibli museum!
    Don’t worry about not speaking Japanese. I lived in Tokyo for 1.5 years without speaking Japanese: managed to open a bank account, sort out my place at Uni, and rent a flat. You’ll be fine 🙂

    • Hehe I really hope so!!
      Ahh wow really?! That is amazing! That makes me feel so much better !! I am trying to learn a little through Rosetta Stone, but I’m such a slow learner, hopefully it’ll be enough to get me by! xD

  2. Hey dear ❤

    Make sure to stop by Shinjuku&Ikebukero (Sunshine city/underground) for shopping! Harajuku and Shibuya are fun but almost always crowded!
    Ueno during the days has DELICIOUS food stands!

    If you go out to Roppongi for your night outs – check out a club called 'Vanit' it offers you a beautiful night view over Tokyo!
    You'll be fine and if you have any questions – just email me anytime =)
    xoxo Have fun!

    • Hello!
      Thank you somuch for the tips! I have a little notebook where i’m listing the places I wanna visit hahaha, I will add thoseto my list!! ❤

      Oooh I have heard of Roppongi, but I wasn't really sure what it was ^o^; Vanit eh, it sounds beautiful! It is very kind of you to offer your help, thank you so so much!! ❤

  3. I really want to go to Japan too! You’ll have to let me know what the Sanrio Puroland and what the shopping is like! I’m going to Germany in August but it’s just not the same. I want to go to the chocolate museum in Germany and luckily, our hotel is close by! How long are you staying in Japan for?

    • Will do! I think Sanrio Puroland lets people take photos, so hopefully I can take lots and make a post either while i’m there or when I get back! Maybe videos too :D!
      Ahh but Germany will be amazing too! A chocolate museum?? Oh gosh I think I would walk out of there 10 pounds heavier… xDDD
      We are staying in Japan for 2 weeks, we wanted to stay longer but it ended up being waaay too expensive since we are overlapping with Golden Week. x_x

  4. You might want to try shopping at Hikari, staying at a capsule hotel or eating crazy food at Asadachi (don’t say this to your Japanese friends as its meaning is vulgar). Have fun 🙂

      • Yup it’s not as comfortable as a regular hotel but worth a try. It’s vulgar cos Asadachi means ‘morning erection’. They serve weird stuff like horse sashimi or pig testicles, something along these lines.

  5. GAH! This post made me excited for you to go to Japan TT_TT I WANNA GO!…. Okay, but go have fun and enjoy everything ohmygosh, you are gonna have so much fun! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures too share, okay!?!

  6. Awww i totally get you excitement, babe! I’ll be going on a Europe tour on April and i am bursting with excitement!!! It’s going to be the first time outside Asia for me *LOL*

  7. You should definitely check out the Asian music scene, too, when you are in Japan! ^^

    Thanks for following my blog on WordPress. I have changed my domain recently and I would be more than glad, if you continued to read and support my blog even though it is not on WordPress any more 🙂

    Thanks for your support until now!

    xox – Ina

  8. The Ghibli Museum is really great and I loved how perfectly it fits into the City (Mitaka).

    But I would avoid Cat Cafes. They often treat the animals very bad. You may not see it always but sometimes you can. If they (the animals) are “not nice” to a customer the staff will hit them or put them into small boxes as punishment.

  9. Wow, that is so exciting! That is my lifelong dream as well *o* I hope you get to complete your list and enjoy every second! I would love to see your pictures and things that you purchase! ^///^

  10. Wow I wish I could go with you! I’ve been wanting to go to Japan since forever. I love the culture, the anime and the cute kawai things they have! have lots of fun and take plenty of pictures to share with us!

  11. Hi there! Oh my days, I’ve always wanted to go to Japan as well! It’s my life long dream (^^) I’m actually saving up now to go there when I’m older so I can’t wait for that time to come! Your to do list is exactly like mine hehe! I hope you have a great time!

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