Dolly Wink No.4 Feminine Style Review

Hey everyone! Today I am going to review Dolly Wink Feminine Style Lashes, I have actually reviewed these before but I removed the post a while back because I wasnt happy with it. Recently I bought these lashes in their new package design so I thought it would be the perfect time to re-review them! I got these lashes for $15.00 on eBay!


Dolly Wink have recently changed their package design for all their lashes as well as their other products. I personally like both the new and old package designs, the new ones seem to have a more mature feel to them. You get 2 pairs of lashes and Dolly Wink eyelash glue in every set.


The lashes are very delicate and feel soft to the touch. I love this set of Dolly Wink lashes because they are half-lashes, this makes them super easy to apply and by far the best choice for beginners! They usually don’t need to be trimmed and blend very easily into your own natural lashes. If you would like to see me applying these lashes it is shown in my make-up tutorial. ^///^


This is the second time I have bought these lashes, and honestly I will probably buy them again later! I love these for everyday use because they are quick and easy to apply, and they give such a natural lengthening effect to the outer corner of your eye. Half-lashes also tend to be much more comfortable when you are wearing them throughout the day.

Overall score: 9/10

  •     Half lash
  •     Soft and delicate
  •     Comfortable to wear
  •     Easy to apply (highly recommended for beginners)!

20 responses to “Dolly Wink No.4 Feminine Style Review

    • Thank you Krissy! Truthfully my skin is pretty bad atm,covered in scars! I wear BRTC BB cream, and Clarins Everlasting foundation on top of areas that need more coverage 🙂

  1. Pretty doll! Thanks so much for doing these reviews. Eyelash reviews are rare unfortunately and examples really help.

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