Dolly Wink Brown (Demonstration)

Hey girls! Hope you are all enjoying Easter. ^-^

Since I am yet to review the brown Dolly Wink products I got at Christmas time, I thought I would make a quick video showing how these products preform!

  • Dolly Wink Brown Eyeshadow
  • Dolly Wink Brown Liquid Eyeliner
  • Dolly Wink Brown Mascara


I would do this make-up on days when I just need a casual look!

9 responses to “Dolly Wink Brown (Demonstration)

  1. I was JUST thinking of how I would love to see what you do for a more casual look…and then you post this! ❤ Thank you for the tutorial and you are so adorable~ ^w^

  2. pretty! ^^ you make it looks so easy~ everytime i put eyeshadows on my eyes, it looks like i’ve been punched LOL *need more practice here* anyway this is so off topic but i never thought people with blonde hair also have blonde eyelash too :p

    • Thank you! haha aww I was the same too, I just have had lots of practise now hahaha, try practise with very light colors as they are most forgiving. *-*!
      haha oh yesss, some have darker eyelashes but I was born with very very light hair and eventhough the hair on my head turned dark blonde my eyelashes are still light. xD

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