Tokyo Trip: Harajuku Part 1

Hi everyone!
Last night I landed safely home in Northern Ireland! I already miss Tokyo! >-<
I loved every moment of my trip, it was everything I dreamed it would be! Now I am so excited to share it with you all, thank you for your patience!
I took a lot of photos and videos to share with you all, not to mention haul videos and a giveaway of cute gifts I bought in Tokyo! So please look forward to this!


Today I will share with you my trip to the Daiso in Harajuku! Daiso is a Japanese 100yen store, full of anything and everything you could ever want! The one in Harajuku has 3 floors and is also the biggest in Tokyo!
Enjoy, and keep an eye out for my next

DSC_1423Cute Mirrors! I bought the chocolate one!


Very cute cups!

DSC_1426Beautiful Japanese cups!

And here is my shopping tour of Daiso Harajuku.~


25 responses to “Tokyo Trip: Harajuku Part 1

  1. Everything is so cute! My heart is skipping beats seeing so many cute things. And the amount of Hello Kitty ❤ I would be in heaven if I went to Japan. Your bag and outfit are so cute in the video too! Glad it lived up to your expectations =]

  2. Oh, wow! Gosh, this is making my yearning to visit Japan all the more intense. Daiso looks AMAZING. All that cuteness. My head might explode if I’m surrounded by so much Hello Kitty! I wanna go!

    • Daiso really is fantastic, when I took my basket to the till I was suprised how cheap it all was! Hahaha Hello Kitty everywhere, what more could you ask for?! xD

  3. There are 10 Daiso stores in Singapore! Very accessible and I visit at least once a month cuz it really has everything! Do not hesitate to let me know if you really really want/need anything from there, I’ll see what I can do to send them over! 🙂 One caveat though, it’s SGD2/item in Sg, and not 100yen=SGD1.26 , so it’s more expensive. :X haha Glad u enjoyed your trip!

    • Wow so lucky! Awwww thank you hun that is so so kind of you! Daiso had sooooo many cute things! I hope they come to the u.k some day! we have “£1 shops” but they are full of junk. 😦

  4. Thats really cool that you got to go..I loved it there too and I want to live in Harajuku that place is so cute >_<

  5. I love it thank you for sharing, when i was there i did not get the chance to go to the daiso however i did go to a 100 yen store… they have a daiso in korea too and i live in seattle washington and just found out theres one there too.. i love the daiso. i love harajuku the styles in that area alone for me are to die for i love everyones different style of clothing to hair… me with pink hair i get stared at everywhere but i know i wouldnt there…

    • No problem, I am very happy to share! Ahh your lucky I wish I had a Daiso near me!
      So true, everyone dressed in such amazing clothes! And there were lots of cute girls with diffrent hair colors, lilac seems to be popular there at the moment!

  6. OMG your trip to Japan seems so fun and exciting! ^^ So many cute stuffs here and there, plus they have DAISO!! How I wish there is a Daiso near my house 😦 by the way, are you able to read and speak Japanese? I heard Japanese people are not really good with English~

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