Tokyo Disney Land

Hi girlies!
Today I am going to show you some photos of my trip to Tokyo Disney Land. This was my first time at a theme park, so I was really excited. I always imagined Disney Land to be amazing but I had no idea just how amazing it really was! It was like stepping into another world, I felt like I was about 8 years old again! I felt that kind of childhood wonder.

DSC_1574It was a little windy, but it was also a warm day!

DSC_1579The day we went to Disney Land was far from empty, but I thought it was quiet by Disney Land standards. I mean, is Disney Land ever not busy? We didn’t have to wait in line for anything more than about 10 minuites so we were able to explore the whole park.


DSC_1596Micky’s garden!

DSC_1627Toon Town City Hall!

DSC_1634Toon Town.

DSC_1584This was lunch for my and my boyfriend! I love themed food! This was from a little bakery with lots of yummy breads.

DSC_1649I really loved the parade! I caught a lot of it on video, maybe I should put some clips of it together for youtube?

DSC_1674Woody & Buzz!

DSC_1695Isn’t this a beautiful float?

DSC_0008Before I came to Japan I saw the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall online and knew I wanted to go there for dinner!

DSC_0016Dessert Menu! So cute!

DSC_0017Dinner Menu!

DSC_0018Here is the dinner we got! I got some sweetcorn soup and a fruit cup for dessert! My boyfriend got the heart shaped burger. ^_^

DSC_0020The Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall has such stunning scenery!

DSC_0032This boat took us around a small area of the park! It was really nice, but on this boat was a strange couple that kept trying to take photos of me which made me very feel uncomfortable during the ride. >_<

DSC_0121A beautiful parade of lights!


DSC_0086I have so many more photos, but I know uploading them all her would make this post way to photo heavy! I have some video clips of both Disney Land and Sanrio Puroland so I was thinking of putting them together! This way I can show you guys the pretty day parade and night time light parade.


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